Britney Spears Toxic covered in Bardcore/Medeival style

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Every time I hear this song, it just reminds me of the 60s Batman theme song.

Think I still prefer the Surfrajettes cover.


(also: The link to this forum thread on the BB main site page seems broken. At least it didn’t work for me.)

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I like the idea of “Bardcore,” but 90% of it is as if someone just took a midi file of a song and replaced the instruments with Mediæval-appropriate ones and stopped there. There’s more to be done to actually make it even vaguely in a Mediæval style. Hildegard von Blingin being one of the few that makes a real stab at actual translation (including at least semi-Mediæval lyrics) though sadly she’s not done a cover of Toxic - yet.

Though I rather like the “Postmodern Jukebox” version - they’re consistently flawless in transposing songs into other eras and idioms:

And I just noticed Puddles Pity Party has a version, which at points starts to verge into Tom Waits territory…


I know what you mean by the midi thing.
Hildegard is the best. Also, the YouTube comments are markedly superior to your average YouTube comments by a significant margin.


If you speed up bardcore do you get knightcore?

It’s MIDIeval.


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