Bruce Schneier's Data and Goliath: The Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data and Control Your World




I’ll get around to reading this as with all of Schneier’s books, but dang if this title isn’t a horrible mangling of analogy.


First few paragraphs convinced me to buy it. Thanks. Fourteen bucks at Google Play.

Big fan of Schneier’s blog, he has a great way of presenting important stories and summarizing critical facts, though this will be my first book of his as typically it is preaching to the choir and telling me what I already know. But the Snowden disclosures are vast, as are the movements by corporations, and I am curious about his suggestions for improving the situation. Cynical that there does not need to be a complete governmental overhaul.


I love the irony of someone buying this book from Google.


And even stupider and more ignorant considering that I potentially revealed attribution evidence to the pseudoanonymous accounts at least at two different forums. Tying them together could not be more stupid.

The book is worth it at least for Chapter 15, fucking with surveillance.

Hansel & Gretel leave a trail of breadcrumbs while the wicked witch leaves a trail of candy treasures.

I am probably little, ignorant Hansel. Witch clothes just don’t fit me.


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