Bruce Sterling on the next 50 years of climate-wracked maker architecture

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I think the progression of climate changes will be a lot more precipitous. That means the infrastructure may be incapable of producing even modest climate remediation projects.
Bucky Fuller’s floating spheres could probably be made cheaply, and be outfitted with sustainable soil-free farming… and then smashed in ever-more-frequent Cat 5 hurricanes because there’s no way to steer those things.
Moving underground might also be a possibility, but it’s kind of depressing. At least the temperature is stable, and the water might be naturally filtered, if not overly radon irradiated.

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I’ve often sought to illustrate a Post-Industrial future with the example of cities’ redundant commercial centers repurposed by Urban Nomad interventionists. Office buildings stripped to their concrete and steel skeletons and, like giant versions of Le Corbusier’s Dom-Ino, transformed into mini-arcologies. Reskinned with high-tech membranes and vertical gardens. Outfit by retrofit using moveable ‘furnitecture’ (furniture that bridges the line to architecture through multifunctional volumetric structures), deployable partitions, and vertical farming racks, much like the astronauts taking up residence inside Arthur C. Clarke’s Rama. A high-tech adaptive reuse of the ruins of a lost civilization.

Yea verily, the essence of Bruce.

I don’t see it that way. Hegemony has been more or less the modus operandus of one very powerful group allied with the House of Saud…

(and Iran, Afghanistan, etc.)


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