The 30 US landmarks most likely to be obliterated by climate change


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She’ll just have to hike up her robes and wade a bit. It is the rest of NY that I worry about.

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I’m picturing Planet of the Apes. What’s NOT to love?!


Some hot property going at the new Georgia Beach.

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Not at all, she’s on a 150’ pedestal! They’ll just need to raise the lump of landfill known as LIberty Island. Fortunately that’s more easily done than raising Hoboken, Downtown Jersey City and vast swaths of lower Manhattan and other coastal parts of NYC. Dumb to include her, but someone’s got a real hard on for NASA.

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All part of Canada’s long-term invasion plan. Most of the major population centres are well above sea level. That’s no accident sheeple!


Cape Hatteras lighthouse? Eh, they’ve already moved it once.

Always reminds me of this.

Edited because YouTube time markers don’t seem to get picked up.

And, meanwhile, while we continue to waste precious time squabbling with and pandering to delusional climate change deniers and climate change impact deniers (here’s looking at you,, we could all be focusing on things like this:

(Please keep in mind, I have some doubts about this above video, but at least it’s a brainstorm for ideas as apposed to squabbling over the reality of climate change.)

Boing Boing mods, after all this wasted time do we really still need to pander to these deniers on this BBS?

Isn’t time for Boing Boing threads to progress and stop these useless climate change “debates” and let the sane ones take over for a while without EVERY fucking thread getting derailed?

The deniers have had their say, it’s time to start discussing solutions and acting now.


I think it’s more up to us than to the mods, generally. But yes, the near-universal derailment of every potentially useful discussion of what to do about climate change is a serious problem, and I think we need to discipline ourselves to ignore the efforts at derailment and actually discuss the issues and how to respond.


I’d love to ignore vapid non-debate debates, but I think there’s been some pretty good arguments that when you just let lies/half-truths sit without being challenged, it helps to perpetuate the lies to those who may still be sitting on the fence and/or still learning about it.

Vastly too much of the American public along with some that visit popular blogs like Boing Boing still aren’t educated on this and are inundated and influenced with unchallenged, fossil fuel industry propaganda.

Please keep in mind, there is an insidious, concerted effort by energy companies to stall action on climate change so they can continue to milk their current infrastructure. The very popular that unfortunately all too often gets linked via Boing Boing does its part for climate change impact denial among a sea of other bullshit, libertarian “think tanks” and the like.

I think it’s time for the Boing Boing mods to step up and delete climate change denier derailments. If someone has something new to bring to the table that’s going to turn the heads of 97% of the world’s climate scientists, that’s one thing… but rehashing old, tired propaganda and trite distractions is a destructive waste of time and brings the quality and potential benefits of this entire BBS down.

I have to wonder if the smart people on this BBS were discussing solutions instead of squabbling with deniers, what incredible ideas could have come about to really change things? We’ll never know at this point and that’s a fucking shame.

Do we really need to roll this gif out again? CowTip to @kcsaff here.


This is a really good point. There’s no reason we can’t just ignore them and focus on solutions.

I’ll be honest, I’m depressed by recent developments. (The ice shelf in Antarctica, specifically.) How can we possibly reverse or slow a rise in ocean levels over the next 100 years from this? (Answer: we can’t.) Unless we start finding some way to start actively using (or evaporating) sea and ocean water on a large scale … maybe shooting it out into space or something (<- a really silly, childish idea for lack of anything better).

But doesn’t this really reveal how we’ve screwed up as a race? This rise is irreversible. At least with present technologies.

If we can put some humans on the Moon while managing to split an atom, I think we can also manage this:

(Scroll to down to Mark Z. Jacobson - Energy Policy)

Granted, we’ve passed the point of no return (or very, very slow return) on some aspects of global climate change, but there’s still hope to change our ways and mitigate what we can for future generations. One thing is for sure, we don’t want to make it even worse than it already is by doing nothing.

If your previous post to which you have linked is correct, then we are rapidly approaching the point where alternative energy sources will be cheaper than fossil.

Not “cheaper” as in “cheaper than fossil fuels after we add some arbitrary, politically determined ‘cost of externalities’ to the latter”. Cheaper as in “Bud is cheaper than your local microbrew”.

And if this happens, millions, no, billions, will be getting in line to sign up. Most of the “deniers” too.

Change the image of alternative energy from “living like pre-industrial peasants” to “cheaper energy for all” and you are -there-. If the promise can be delivered upon.


If your previous post to which you have linked is correct, then we are rapidly approaching the point where alternative energy sources will be cheaper than fossil.

It’s already happened in some cases with fossil fuels (and even with nuclear as well):

New Study: Clean Energy Least Costly to Power America’s Electricity Needs


Wind power is now cheaper than coal in some countries

And, if you factor in the (often tragic) costs of all the externalities associated with dirty energy, cleaner energy is vastly more affordable in every case… now and, of course, into the future.

I thought Canada’s long term plan was to avoid invading the U.S. and instead let us kill each other off.

That is what we are wanting you to think!

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I’m on board, this would solve so much and sound like a great idea.
Thanks for posting.

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so that’s why she is holding the torch so high, so it doesn’t get wet and go out! :slight_smile:

I’d written off Bering Land Bridge ages ago.