February was Earth's hottest month on record ever. Yes, you should freak out


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Including the words “seasonally adjusted” in the headline is important.


The blame for our inaction can be tied directly to agenda-driven thinktanks and entrenched billionaires, the companies and spineless politicians they own, and the constituents they have consistently under-educated, pandered to, and blatantly lied to. The chickens are coming home to roost, basting in their own juices.

And having witnessed and occasionally subjected to all of this as a PhD in a mildly-related subject (astrophysics, for the curious), as I see the oceans rise up about their waists, and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout “Save us!”… and I’ll whisper “no.” For I am a childless misanthrope, and it will be too late to do anything by then anyway.


Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.


So, this is what the precipice looks like.


Including the words “according to this set of data which we do not reproduce in full as you really require an advanced degree the contents of which are too lengthy to fit into this headline” is important.

Because putting it in the body of the article is not fair to people who like to freak out over headlines.


“CLIMATE” - “WEATHER” The issue is that most of the inhabitants of Planet Earth think they’re the same.

PS. They’re not.


But note also…

February : Northern Hemisphere :: August : Southern Hemisphere


Nuh-uh…I’m looking out my window right now at snow. Snow = winter. Winter = cold.

Ipso facto…


Oh big deal. These days, it’s always the hottest month on record. Folks just need to get used to it being the hottest month - or maybe we should abolish record-keeping.


planning on how to poison yourself and your loved ones in the coming decades so as to escape the worst of civilization’s collapse is a difficult problem that requires a strong A.I, machine learning based startup with a solid monetization strategy. You people should probably be happy someone as great as me has started thinking seriously about how to solve this problem.


actually a similar problem is how to ensure that global warming deniers live long enough to experience it all. Monetization strategies will be different however.


all those records melted anyway.


Well I guess I better hurry up and get filthy rich so Jesus will pluck me up off the planet with the rest of the real Americans then, before shit gets too real. I’m already white and hetero, so half way there.


This isn’t the precipice. We’ve already stepped over the edge and in true Wile E. Coyote fashion, we’ve just looked down and realized we’re in for a world of hurt.


Crap. I have relatives in Miami and rising sea levels are going to wipe that out. No more real Cuban coffer or Cuban sandwiches!!



Very few people believe this.

What’s your point in this case?



Climate scientists have spoken.

Now it’s time for climate engineers.


How far inland does the ocean have to have crept before climate deniers breach the threshold of ignorance and start witch-hunting their climate-denying enablers?

Probably at about the point that it becomes difficult to drive in.