Climate change: Apocalypse by 1000 cuts

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“Racist laws can eventually be overthrown, and even a cultural backslide toward bigotry and nationalism can be slowly, painfully reversed. We don’t get a do-over on climate change. The vested interests agitating to strip the planet for parts know that, too—and they plan to profit from this particular apocalypse as hard as they can.”



Climate change is so depressing. I grew up with the constant worry of a nuclear holocaust. It was a big scary “what if”. Now that fear has abated, maybe not in reality but in my mind, only to replaced by this slow steam-roller of global warming that isn’t a “what if” but is happening right now.

I give money to environmental groups. I try to vote for greener candidates, and reduce my own carbon foot print. But it all seems so fruitless. Half the US doesn’t even believe it is happening. I almost envy them (but maybe they just have panic attacks about other things like Obama being the devil.) Even if we had a green president I don’t even know if that would be enough to stop the steam roller. At this point some kind of global revolution will be needed.

I guess such a revolutionary change will start happening when stuff really starts getting bad. I suppose the profiteers who know what is happening think they will be safe in their survival fortresses. I don’t know. I just don’t know what to do. I wish I could just stop caring.


The world as they know it will come to an end for the wealthy, too, if they don’t step up their game and act like the bloody leaders they claim to be. It will be a slower ending, but American multi-millionaires are going to see their options increasingly narrowed along with everyone else’s.


I wish I had something good to say. I really do. But all seems lost

Big Oil is firmly in control of our government. It cannot be denied. The head of the EPA is a longtime enemy of the EPA. The head of the Dept. of Energy not-so-long-ago advocated the abolition of the Dept. of Energy. REX TILLERSON is our Secretary of State. Rex Tillerson, of course, not only sounds like an oil exec. - he is. Add it up, y’all.



Don’t have children.


The point becomes clear: climate change is no longer an environmental issue. It’s a human rights issue–the right to live, and the right to have our children’s children live, too.

Sorry, but NO - this is completely backwards and only highlights how we got into this problem in the first place. Humans and human rights are a small subset of the environment, and need to be recognized as such if they are ever to make environmental decisions effectively. It is never sustainable to put human concerns before the environment in which humans themselves live.


If you’re not supporting nuclear power, you’re not serious about climate change. All of the people in the developing world want to, and expect to, and WILL move up to a western middle class standard of living and that takes a LOT of energy. They WILL get it one way or another. It better be nuclear or it will be fossil fuels.


Anthropogenic climate change is a reality. Look around you. Weather’s weird. Unexpected. Uncharted.

That’s anthropogenic climate change in a nutshell: weird weather(s).

Please remember: climate is big; weather is small.

Also, please move inland quickly. Thank you.

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Nuclear power is not an option. Too slow. Too expensive. Too dangerous…see the latest news re Fukushima.

If Arctic News is correct - human life can end on earth by 2026 without an 80% reduction in fossil fuel use within 5 years.

This may prove to be the greatest emergency ever to confront humanity.

Every means should be employed to publicize, discuss and attack the problem.

During WW2 a 4 engine bomber rolled off an assembly line every hour. Radically new energy breakthrough systems are being born. They are much less complex. Several are discussed at

Most reflect hard to believe new science. Some exploit a surprising loophole in the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Others grow from what used to be known as Cold Fusion. Ordinarily such breakthroughs require a generation to gain acceptance. We no longer have that luxury.

Innovation is taking place at small firms across the planet. Mass production of the best systems will inevitably follow. What is needed is to speed the process fast enough to matter.

Wake up folks! A laser like focus on climate change is urgently needed. The lives you save may include your own - and those of everyone you care about.


I like algae.

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I see Scott Adams is still holding forth on “De-hypnotizing a Climate Science Zombie”, just in case you’re wondering how anyone can still think that way. (I won’t bother linking.)


Distraction, distraction, distraction. Dumb bigotry is the killer app of the oil services and arms industries. DAPL is about a random standoff, not profits. The sale of another Oregon forest occasions little comment.


Please explicate your repetition?

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Done. Too tired to expand furthur.


No worries, m8, I read you.


Or - simply destroy Western imperialism. It’s going to happen one way or another, but some ways leave a planet which is inhabitable.


Climate change is a chinese hoax. Bush and Trump told me so! They had the best education. Trust me. It’s fantastic!

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The mass use of fission power:

  1. Cannot be built up to the scale required in the time available.
  2. Is not carbon-neutral to construct.
  3. Massively increases weapon proliferation risks.
  4. Safe operation requires levels of technical expertise and regulatory stability that do not exist in most of the world.

Shut down the carbon burners and cut energy expenditure now, or die.

This doesn’t require that we abandon technological civilisation. It does require that we abandon stupidity, greed and waste [1].

[1] Which is why we’re almost certainly doomed.


Not necessarily in their lifetime, though.

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