TOM THE DANCING BUG: What Will Climate Change Deniers Say…?




There needs to be an extra panel for my family member who watches the local news and says, “Look, there was a record high/low set on this date in 1973! Don’t tell me the climate’s changing!”


Climate change deniers aren’t afraid of the apocalypse! They are the ones preparing for it! They want it to come (that or the rapture)!


You want an apology? They still haven’t apologized for tobacco, and if they did, it wouldn’t bring my parents back. Action beats the shit out of apologies.


I love that the US has a grocery store chain called Piggly Wiggly. It’s like a punchline all on its own.


“God made it hot because he’s angry about the gays.”


The town I used to live in had one near the intersection of Dickinson and Moye, yet I could never come up with an epic circumcision joke about that.


Right. Right. Right.

Didja notice that already we’re hearing a whole lot less about “Obamacare?”
As I predicted it should be, “The ACA passed while I was in Congress” by the 2016 election.


It doesn’t matter what climate change deniers say it matters what the rest of us are willing to do to stop it. In most cases even people who realize humans are causing climate change don’t make any real changes


This is exactly what the climate deniers will do.

Right now, their objective is to filibuster and obstruct until damage is inevitable and its evidence is incontrovertible. (Of course, it is inevitable, but they can still argue effectively among themselves that “the science isn’t in.”)

After that is achieved, they will continue to obstruct by saying (Oh, Gee!) it’s too late to have any observable effect (“if only we’d known!”). Which will be technically correct, since the damage that’s been done will only be reversed by a couple centuries of thoughtful conservation and innovation.


Shut uuuuup.


Love the confederate kepi in the first frame!


“No one could have predicted this would happen.”

“No one ever denied climate change, we were just concerned about the costs.”

“Now that the danger of climate change is clear the ideologues and idealists must step aside and let the grown-ups deal with the problem.First, we need a tax credit for high-worth individuals with seafront property so they can relocate their homes inland. Only in this way can we save jobs in the nation’s vital seafront resort and tourism industries.”


I took immediate action – I leave my refrigerator door open 24/7. Can you imagine how cool the climate would be if everybody was as proactive as me? Think Global Act Local!


Canada has that beat, here we have a chain of grocery stores called Overwaitea :slight_smile:

of course it isn’t as funny as most canadians are quite fit.


It’s true, I’m a billionaire and a member of congress and I do nothing to stop it.

Re: I'm a billionaire and a member of congress

Yeah, CSA hat, American flag shirt, no persons of color: just fat and/or balding and/or goofy-looking white people being stupid. Except for the stalwart-looking bearded (!) Liberal dude in his Brooks Brothers 346 non-iron shirt with his sleeves rolled up, scowling disapprovingly at the “too little too late” apologies from the weepy Chik-fil-A over-eatin’, Hobby Lobby shoppin’ Teabagger.

This stuff is so kneejerk. And so tiresome. TTDB is the equivalent of the kid in the schoolyard poking you over and over, saying “does that bother you? does that bother you? does that bother you?”, harping on the same tired “Libs/Dems are better/smarter/kinder than Rep/Cons in Practically Every Way” jive…


Climate change deniers aren’t afraid of the apocalypse! They are the ones preparing for it! They want it to come (that or the rapture)!

I wonder if and when the sense of irony will set in as they are burned alive in a fast moving wildfiire instead of being magically and gently lifted up to heaven by angels?


Really? Because I have a local politician running ads about ‘drowning in OBAMACARE’ while stacks of presumably legal documents fall on people. It’s not the most nutter but it’s the most prominent.

edit: I’m sure it’s going to be just like Jane Fonda in Vietnam, where the facts pan out but those people still have a kneejerk reaction to that thing they heard and never actually verified.


Trenchant rebuttal you’ve worked up there.

“Goofy-looking white people in American flag shirts” succinctly describes 95% of the demographic you’re doing such a very bad job of standing up for.