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At first I didn’t get this comment, but I think you are being sarcastic ? you mean to imply that members of congress are more responsible for the destruction of “our environment” ?
We all know they will never do anything serious about climate change. We, the people, are responsible for what happens to our environment. If there ever is going to be any real change and action it has to come from us

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I agree, but we are in a system that works through representative democracy. We elect people who are supposed to speak for us, but then you have the problems that nader has pointed out time and again, that the two parties do not fully represent our interests, but those of entrenched economic interests. Until we have a congress that is responsive to its constituency, we’re screwed. How that happens, given what is stacked against us, I’m not sure… Any ideas? Crowd fund a candidate? How do we narrow that to a local community?

No way congress represents us anymore and the companies in power only care about making money. We need to be the ones making decisions based on what is good for our communities. We need to move toward a society that isn’t money based. I know people think this is a radical idea, but isn’t it insane to believe the system we have now is the only way? We could be living in a utopia if we wanted to.
The only way to do this is if EVERYBODY decides to change and take responsibility. We would have to trust each other and work together, an evolution for mankind. Congress doesn’t represent us anymore? Lets make them irrelevant.
The banks have to go too. I’ll tell you how, everyone who has a mortage, guess what? you now own your home debt free. Talk about a boost to the economy.
The economists and banksters all say, “you can’t live without us, society would collapse” - don’t you see this is the very nature of an abusive relationship? They own all debt, from pay-day-loans, to student debt, to debts on farms, credit cards, AND they own everybodys home, AND they pull bullshit like gas speculation that drives the price up gas up 1/3 !! So if you are paying $4.00, you could be paying $2.60 but wall street has fixed it you have to pay them $1.30! -just so they cold make more money on top of everything else. I dont think we would miss them if they were gone.
Instead of going to work in an office to pay your mortgage, you could go home and take care of your family, and work in your community to make sure everyone has what they need. We don’t need dollars to do that. The modern economists seem to think money is the only way to get people out to work. Everyday I pray for a system collapse so people would start working toward surviving instead of working on consuming. But we could do this without the catastrophe if people would wake up

Yes VERY sarcastic. You’re trying to put the blame on people who aren’t composting enough vs. oligarchs running politics and the economy.

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I’m not putting blame on anybody. It’s not about blame it’s about responsibility. We live in an oligarchy and we know our gov will never do anything to help us so it’s our responsibility to make changes. We can’t keep pointing fingers at other people and not take responsibility ourselves because then there would never be any change.

We could try repealing the Apportionment Act of 1911, which set an upper limit on the House of Representatives, making it a second senate. It’s at a size now that it can be wrangled. It’s supposed to be cat herding.


If we had 10,000 reps who had to work by teleconference from offices in their own districts of 30,000 residents, K-Street-style lobbying would become vastly more expensive. Local news media would become more important, too. This sounds like a really good idea.

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But each person would probably be easier to buy. Supply and demand.

Not needing to quit one’s local career (and being close to one’s spouse and other family support) would make it objectively much easier to refuse to be bought.

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It is a really good idea. John Adams was a pretty solid guy.

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