Blame billionaires for climate change

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Change the climate to make bazillions and invent robots just as the climate makes it impossible for 99% of humanity to survive.


Come on everyone, we peons are going to have to out evolve our fiscal overlords! We’re going to need webbed feet and gills for starters.


At this point, does blame even matter? Let Faux News worry about that.


Yes, but you could just as easily argue that it is the rest of us that are buying the products made with that carbon load that are the problem.


So they are evil and we are stupid?


What kind of mind would take the attitude that as long as they have their opulent Bond Villain bunker to retreat to, they don’t give a fuck about what happens to the rest of the world?

Don’t these assholes realize that it’s the rest of the world that makes the movies, TV shows, books, art, restaurants, theatres, and all the rest of it that makes their opulent billionaire lifestyle worth living?


"I don’t care about pollution, I’m an air-conditioned gypsy. That’s my solution - watch the police and the taxman miss me, I’m mobile!"
The Who - Going Mobile


If anyone got a solution for that? I mean, except the obvious destroy late-stage capitalism and live in harmony-utopia?

I, for one, would-be billionaire, would currently try to destroy everything even faster so I can finally go have a rest in my NZ evil lair…


They assume everyone has a price, even artists.


There was a depressing article a few months back from the Barrier Islands off of North Carolina which are basically piles of sand sticking a couple of metres above the waves. The sea level is rising, storms are getting worse, the islands are eroding - and the inhabitants still deny they are doomed:

Horrifically, the only thing that might change Republicans’ minds (and even then I doubt it) would a monstrous storm that demolishes the Outer Banks or ploughs through Miami leaving untold carnage in its wake.

But then they’d probably take the wrong lesson and decide that what is needed is to concrete the East Coast.


A monstrous storm won’t change anything. We’re having one every two weeks around here and we’re all just like, “huh.”

And anyway, even if the sea levels do rise, that’s just a climate thing. The connection to pollution can just as easily be denied from the safety of a liferaft.


Right. The weather’s always been bad.
The sea levels have always been rising.
We’ve always been at war with Eastasia.


Can you say: “A bunch of mindless jerks who’ll be the first against the wall when the revolution comes.”


Some of my best friends are climate change.


Here’s a link to that study, the Carbon Majors Report, which names the companies responsible for all those carbon emissions:

Good to see this information coming around again on the heels of the “kiss your ass goodbye” report of the IPCC.

PS: Take a look at the proceedings of the conferences organized by Biodiversity for a Livable Climate at to see a wide variety of geotherapeutic, in other words, using ecological systems to repair the damage we homo sap saps have done, which can reduce the effects and, just perhaps, reverse climate change.

Not that anyone is interested. And that includes you, boingboing.


Reversing climate change would harm a lot of emerging species, including these cool new triple-sized mosquitoes. Think twice before reducing your carbon emissions.

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Whelp, carbon emissions will eventually be reduced once climate change kills off a few billion people.

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In TOS Star_Trek canon, it was a global nuclear war that nudged humanity out of adolescence and put it on the course to build the Federation. But with the reboot, some story elements are being shifted around. I like to think it was/will be anthropogenic climate change that jolts us out of these stupid patterns and empowers a lasting maturity.


Elon Musk, Mr GreenZo himself, made and sold out of a toy that burns “a by-product of natural gas processing and petroleum refining”[1].

I mean they are enablers but we give these people are money to do it for fun.