Bugs with the new BBS system

We did not do anything I know of. However be aware that dismiss unread button on the unread page will switch all topics on the unread page to regular state. That is how it dismisses unread.

so the unread page means “unread notifications,” not “unread topics,” which is obviously what the new page is but I’m a little thick–I’ve got it now. that explains why stuff I had read was always there, but I incorrectly assumed it wasn’t registering what I’d read properly since I use gwwar’s script to browse. I officially feel dumb.

I’ll, uh, stop clearing the unread page with the dismiss button (∘=̴⃙̀˘︷˘=̴⃙́∘) I thought I was just tidying up. it’s all clear to me now.


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Dismiss Unread means “I don’t care about these topics any more.” I would not use the button unless that’s what you mean.

I usually clear things off the unread list I actually care about (by reading them), then when I am left with the dregs of topics I don’t even want to read, I press the button.

We’re adding a tooltip to make this more clear.

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To make this more clear we now offer Dismiss Posts and Dismiss Topics buttons on the Unread page.

Dismiss Posts is what you were originally thinking of. The hover tooltips on each button elaborate.

much more intuitive :^)

I just had this happen with Safari on a brand new iPad. I was reading the Bacon press story, pressed the little BBS icon to return to the topic list, then read the Fictional products story. I then swiped the page to return to the topics list and instead was returned to the bottom of the bacon press thread.

If you go to the comments page and click the “Show Full Post” button, then click the ‘like’ Heart symbol, the Full Story disappears.

I will not do that.

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either way, thanks for reporting to this thread so I won’t be freaked out when it happens and know that it’s been addressed.

speaking of, still waiting on comics and videos to appear with “show full post.”

for vids, if the posters would remember to always include a link to embeds, that would be almost as good. @deanputney, I will direct that particular complaint to you, assuming you are the proper liaison.

Ok can you repro this every time with the back button on iPad Air? If there is a reliable repro we can fix it.

No, it’s just as intermittent with the iPad as it was on my PC. I’ve seen it do this a shade less than a couple dozen times since I first noticed it back in February.

Completely new and unrelated bug…

I thought Discourse was supposed to download local copies of remote images so as to prevent image rot. Is that not happening anymore? In the Ten Thousand game I’ve seen a few images disappear, like this one.


Ooh, I’m glad you mentioned that, it was turned off.

I turned it back on, I can’t remember if this was turned off because it was causing issues with bb proper? No, I checked the settings logs, looks like it was defaulted off due to BBS being an early install prior to that feature even existing and never got turned on :frowning:

Well, it’s on now! Thanks for the reminder!


funny, right as I was reading these posts, a notification popped up–the image I last posted was backed up :^)

Recently the “All” view on the profile pages started to show only your own posts, just like the “Posts” view. That seems to be redundant at best and mildly annoying.


Yes, that is an intentional change. Can you describe what you liked about the previous all view? Most people we talked to found its old behavior annoying.

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well, we have subcategories for “posts” and for “replies,” so “all” ought to have… all of the categories.

or, get rid of the “all” category and use “posts” as the default view. but I liked reviewing all my interactions that way, often I’d revisit a thread or think of a late reply seeing all the replies in the default feed.

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Pretty much what @noahdjango said, but I would like to add that the “Posts” view by any name doesn’t seem like a very good starting point. It contains only things I already know and if I ever decide to click one of the links, then it is in response to an event that isn’t indicated there.


New wrinkle to this bug, and this has been iPad specific so far. Sometimes when viewing a thread I’ll swipe backwards to get to the thread listing and instead it’ll reload the thread I was reading. So I end up in a situation where swiping forwards and backwards just gives me the same thread over and over.

Quoting spoiler content does not persist the spoiler tag. Thus spoiling.

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