Bugs with the new BBS system


I thought that was a weird Discourse design decision, but I just checked Chrome now and middle clicking links there open a new tab as expected.

Even if you allow the pop-up it ends up opening in a new restored window rather than a new tab. Right clicking and selecting “Open in new tab” works, but I shouldn’t have to do that.


Firefox is, in fact, the only browser that behaves in this way – try in IE, Chrome, Opera, Safari… none of the others have this peculiar middle click behavior. We have never been able to figure out why.


I’m not having a problem with it in FF in other versions of Windows. 7 is the Jan Brady of the Windows family.


Looks like you’re encountering https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=657145

Discourse calls window.open(href, “_blank”) on the mouseup event, which triggers what seems to be a race condition in Firefox. Doing the same on a click event does not trigger the bug that I can see.


actual bug i came here to report:

when i leave the BBS page open in a tab, i see the number pop up in the tab when new content posts. which is great. so far so good. so i tab over and under TOPICS, when i click the blue alert for “there are X new topics. click here to see them,” they frequently aren’t. new topics, that is. i’m getting a lot of old topics, including stuff that I’ve already read, seemingly at random. also, I’m getting topics sent there because the 5 days is up and the comments have been closed.

it’s not the holocaust, but i wasn’t sure if you knew this was happening.

EDIT: wait, this thread immediately bumped into that new topic alert. is each comment posted logged there as a new topic? that is confusing as all hell.


There’s still a bug where auto-closed topics will show up in the “there are 3 new topics” and @sam should hopefully fix that in the next week. The text is also wrong because updated topics (with new replies) show up in that list too. We really really need to fix the copy there @sam.

Why is the "In reply to" indicator suppressed sometimes?
split this topic #48

I moved 8 posts to a new topic: Replying to first post vs. replying to the topic

Replying to first post vs. replying to the topic
Replying to first post vs. replying to the topic

just deployed a fix for that


I can imagine very good reasons for not allowing 1 character changes to be made to comments but forcing me to edit the post twice to add a single space seems counter productive.


In Safari, on an iPod touch, all dates/times are displayed as “> NaNy”


I wonder, is the time on your iPad right, could it perchance be set to some time in the future?


That didn’t fix it. I set my time back by a minute at a go, and checked each time, and when I refreshed I saw no change.


What version of ios are you running? We only support 6 or later.


4.2, but this model can only upgrade to 5.1


i don’t get it. am i doing it wrong?
#setting changed

#go to “new”

#navigate away

#go back to new–same stuff, slightly different ranking

actually, i wouldn’t care about any of this if you’d only let me see topics ranked chronologically by OP. that would be much preferable and would really help me in my browsing.


You have to leave for a substantial amount of time. Like 10+ minutes. Otherwise it’s considered the same “visit” to the website.


Same thing is happening on my in-law’s iMac. Safari 4.1 on OS X 10.4


Safari 4.1 is not a browser we support unfortunately, it ends up being fairly unsustainable to add mountains of hack to support old web browsers that are mostly out of commission.


hmm, OK. If i change my browsing habits, i can make this work for me. any chance we can get a chronological ranking to the topic OPs? pretty please?


Then perhaps a cleaner failure mode is required. NaNy (and badly positioned login and reply boxes) just give the appearance of a broken website. It doesn’t tell the end user that they should look into investing in newer equipment.