Build the dungeon, not the adventurer


so… you would be keeping this dungeon in working order?


Vaguely related, with more of a programming theme: Talesworth Adventure. The dungeon is already laid out, so you place moneybags and one-use doors to direct your dimwitted charge to the exit.

When I played D&D back in the day and players would do something the Dungeonmaster hadn’t planned for he or she would usually duck behind the screen and “consult my notes”.

It would be even more fun if the adventurer in this game had enough AI to occasionally do the completely unexpected.


Thanks for the mention! (I’m the guy making Guild of Dungeoneering)

@incarnedine_​v: hahaha! I hereby promise to try and get some DK puns into the game!

@SpunkyTWS: very neat idea! I will see what I can do


We try to do this still. One of the classics was a friend previously defeated previously impassable trapped stairs with a bag of marbles.

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This looks like a lot of fun - I like the fact that the dungeoneer isn’t trying to kill off the adventurer, but instead trying to “level them up” by choosing challenges they can handle. The gameplay seems like it could use a little faster pace, but it still looks fun. I’ll have to try it!

Managed to get my adventurer up to the point where he could slay the cyclops in two or three rounds while taking no damage, and then the boredom really set in. I’m bored, he’s bored (and says so), and the inevitable set in. I just wish I could sit back, and let him kill all the monsters and scoop up the treasure, and then leave to enjoy his loot.

In D&D, as characters level up, they learn about tactics-- (assuming that the player isn’t clueless,the feats allow more intelligent play). I’d like the victim to actually learn some tactics, instead of running around in circles,

Depends who you play with, my group has intelligent monsters played intelligently. It’s become a cliche, during discussing the loot, “Well, he had a devastating single use item/scroll/potion, but you saw him use that in the fight with you…” Also, TPK happens.

Well the demo is fun for about 15-20 min. Then you end up screaming at the guy for going totally the wrong way.

But I saw the potential. I assume there is A LOT more coming, so I took a gamble and put in my $10.

Don’t let me down.

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Thanks! Hopefully you will be glad you did!

This game is simpler (you literally just dig) and deeper (you have to put much more thought in where you dig) at the same time. There’s also a sequel.

I really like the idea of the game, but on my first play-though I realized there’s a big weakness. There appears to be no advantage to be had by building rooms! My second play-though I simply built three rooms and then filled any empty rooms with monsters and treasure every turn. Since you can discard three cards instead of actually doing anything, you can basically just pass until you get a monster that can’t damage your hero or a treasure you can afford.

Yeah I noticed that too. Even if I build a large dungeon, I ended up with most of the action being localized.

I assume the AI will progress to be more prone to explore. I would make changes such as not allowing treasure to pop up in a previously explored room. Maybe make it so monsters have to be in a non-previously explore room, or limit the number of times a room can spawn a monster, and/or allow monsters to roam once placed.

I’d like to see the option to build a party in the long run. Stats on the monsters and treasure placed would be cool. Traps, one way doors, would be cool. There needs to be a healing element, like potions as treasure. Right now if you want to keep him alive you just gimp your monsters. Consumables like spells or wands for the adventurer. I can see other things like eventual stairs/ladders to go into deeper levels for more monsters. Keys for locked doors. A card that allows a room to be destroyed or replaced, in those cases when you goof up and block yourself in.

I mean there is a lot of room for growth, I am going to assume with it being alpha they are just getting the basics down and will flesh it out with more features as they go. I can’t wait.

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