Dungeon Morph: make an infinite role-playing dungeon with dice

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If you like this sort of thing, you may like Guild of Dungeoneering.


To me, random=fairly uninteresting when it comes to dungeon design in paper RPGs.

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Yeah, I succumbed to a set of these at the UK Games Expo a couple of months ago. And although I agree that wholly random dungeons are fairly uninteresting, there are times when they can be good fun; just make sure they don’t outweigh their welcome. (Dropping them in as a surprise worked well for me.)

I agree with others. Maybe if you’re stuck in an airport or something and happen to have these in your backpack for a quick romp, but otherwise, seems uninspiring to DMs. Another item in the “was probably funner to make that to use” pile, along with community theater and camp crafts…

120 is hardly infinite.

Oh, I think they look really neat! At least for using in a particular situation - ofc you couldn’t go and use them for every dungeon everywhere, that’d get dull fast.

Even without re-rolling, there are far, far more than 120 possible layouts with just five dice. (And once you add re-rolling when necessary to “scroll” the map, you get to the infinite size alluded to.)

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You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike.


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