Build this brain-teasing golf ball in a block of wood


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Hrmm… I’ve got some leftover 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" wood from making my daughter’s bed. This would be a fun use for it… Though no drill press, so I gotta use my hand drill. That should be… Interesting.

Incidentally, since it’s not linked in the OP (but it is linked in the linked article in the OP)… If you’d like the written instructions (including what size drill bit to use, etc), they are here


You need a drill press. Once you get one you never look back. Get a bit bigger one you think you need, you won’t regret that decision.

…and get a xy positioning table for it too. Another thing that’s guaranteed to be worth the cost.


Yeah, I’m struggling to convince the wife that we need a hammer drill. Nevermind trying to convince her about my need for a drill press.


Haven’t found much need for a hammer drill, but my impact drill basically paid for itself with the first screw I drove.


I have a dinky little impact driver that proved to be QUITE useful when I was building my daughter’s princess bed… But every time I go to mount something to the cinderblock wall in my garage (or to the brick on the back of the house) I rage at the lack of a hammer drill. Then I gotta drive 20 minutes to my buddy’s place to borrow his.


A hammer drill is a given. Without it, mounting things to a wall is a pain. With it, it is still a pain but much less so.

Tools aren’t something to argue about, tools are something to have on hand.


The problem is, the amount of things I actually mount to exterior walls is… Fairly limited. But every time I actually do need to do so (I just put up new shelves in the garage this spring)… Once again I am reminded of what a pain it is not having one. My little 12V cordless drill she got me for Christmas a few years ago works fine drilling through drywall or into wooden studs, not so much anything else. :slight_smile:


Just ream it and steam it!


Ahh. I live in a brick house in the middle of a city. Every wall is a solid brick. I keep forgetting that there are designs with drywalls everywhere and with wooden structural elements other than ceiling/floor beams. I even thought, for many years, that the hollow walls from Tom&Jerry cartoons were fiction.


Yup. My entire house is wood framed drywall. The only brick we have is on the outside of the wall, and the exterior wall that attaches my garage to the house is cinderblock.


May have its advantages, but I admit to be from the brutal school of design based on reinforced concrete.


Yup. There are all sorts of fun variations on the theme. I did the “intact nail in intact wood” one for my dad a few years back.


Random thought. Something like this could be also made from mould-cast concrete…


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