Building a fully open, transparent laptop


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This is a transparent laptop:

Edit to add that this (Bunnie’s box) is a project that I would love to dive into.

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The obvious question to ask in absence of a standard battery is “what are the power requirements?”, i.e. the peak power consumption. Users need this info to choose batteries and power sources wisely.

It looks like it would be easier to add to or mess with the hardware if everything’s open like that. It would also be extremely vulnerable to coffee-based attacks.


Also potentially vulnerable to bugs… (the crunchy/squishy kind of bugs)

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On the other hand, I can’t spec in unicorn hair, although I come close to that by making the outer case from genuine leather (I love that my laptop smells of leather when it runs).

That seems like an odd choice.

I thought so at first, but then when I saw the pics it made sense – he is building the case sort of like a book binding, so leather is one of the better materials for the task. I suppose that he could have been green and used recycled inner-tubes or something, but leather smells better.

I love the fact they got an IBM/Lenovo keyboard in there… the IBM mini-joystick is the sole reason i can only buy their laptops now, it’s orders of magnitude better than the standard laptop touchpad mouse


yes yes yes! I totally agree. For most of the time, being able to keep my hands in the same position to type and move the pointer overwhelmingly trumps any slight reduction in pointer dexterity.

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Right on. My Lenovo x61 is getting on in years, but I refuse to retire it - mini-joystick and no touchpad to get in the way.
Wish Lenovo would bring that feature back to the ultralight world

I found that people get really lost with just a nipple. I have the touchpad disabled with a keyboard shortcut so mortals are able to use my machine occasionally (but strictly with my say so ;)).

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