Bulldog playing with balloon is adorable


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The perfect contrast to cats playing with balloons. Bounce…bounce…POP…skedaddle…


That’s lovely; though it has triggered an annoying ear-worm in my head. Annoying because I can’t remember enough of the track to find it on Google. The refrain is something like “love me, love me, love me”, the voice is androgynous, smokey and yearning. The music is acoustic. I think it is probably from the 1960s or 1970s, and is folkie rather than poppie. Like Cat Stevens or Nick Drake, though possibly a woman.


THIS time I’ll get my mouth open wider! Boink! WTF?


The balloon finally met its match in the Fully Reticulated Bulldog with its distending jaw.


So, when in France, is this still a French Bulldog?
Does it eat French food?


Acoustic? Probably not Alice Cooper then.


Nope, we don’t pledge allegiance to…


I once made a toy for our first cat, by hanging a wad of black thread (wrapped with more thread) from a helium balloon that I made neutrally buoyant with a screw or two. It looked a bit like a fly. She watched that thing for hours as it drifted around in air currents.

She usually got on the bed with us at night, but that evening I had to “fly” the “fly” into the bedroom before she would join us.

She was sumptin.



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