Dog sings while using squeaky toy as an instrument

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The FB “reel” link only works when logged in. Here’s a FB “videos” link instead (it can be viewed anonymously).

Direct link:


Appreciate the effort, but can’t see your link either.

As a bonus: my dog howls like a loon at the sound of my ringtone.
This worked particularly well when we snuck up behind a very boring, and not very talented god-bothering busker in my hometown. I set the phone ringtone going in my pocket, too low for human ears, so my little terrier sang along with the busker for a good ten minutes. Fun times.


Strange. I tried with various modern browsers and in various private/incognito modes and this works on my system without logging in. It even works on Tor Browser. You might want to check your settings, extensions and/or ad blockers.

This might be the problem. My end, not yours.

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But you did not actually post any link (?)

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By default, the system converted my link into an embedded video. I have now edited my post to include a standard direct link. Thank you.

Thanks. I did not even see an embedded video - there was nothing - just your text comment. Weird.
That dog is sure… umm squowling? Heaking?

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