Bulldogs cleverly try to 'play dead' to avoid being scolded


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i LOVE that she tricks them with the old, “who wants a snack?” ploy.


Bulldogs cleverly try to ‘play dead’ to avoid being scolded

I oft do this very thing, whence I been drinking to some excess, and my Dear Wife catches me.

@Franko : I directly wondered if she was related to my Dear Wife, that ploy has woke me from drunken stupor many a time.


I’m wondering if they aren’t playing dead but offering submissive bellies to the stern language.


Yup, they’re saying “sorry mum.”


Sophia is thinking “wait, I was told there’d be a snack. Is that snack off the table or . . . okay, guess I’m dead for a while longer.”


I find it slightly implausible that their understanding of mortality would be developed enough beyond “don’t get hurt” to be able to pull this off. Never had a had a dog tho (unfortunately), so I might be way off-base.


This isn’t a mortality issue. This is a social status issue. EDIT: in my teens I constantly conflated the two.


yeah. poor girl is so confused. she’s waiting patiently for the snack, and then she realizes, oh no – STILL in trouble!









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