Bulletproof thobes and abaya

You mean, that they haven’t advertised it before? I would not be surprised to hear that someone’s been doing it for some ‘special’ clients, but the number of millionaires and billionaires is probably growing, so now those tailors - or new market entrants - need to advertise to expand and reach the target market. :wink:

Irrelevant. It’s all about the fear of getting gunned down, and this tailor is successfully increasing the fear merely by advertising his product. Well played, him.


but we definitely all saw this coming…



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I assume everyone thinks like I do. Such is human nature, indeed probably life nature.

I’m fifty-eight, you’d think I’d know better by now, yet it still catches me off guard from time to time.

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Trying to make a reference to George Alec Effinger’s “Arabic Cyberpunk” books…
“When Gravity Fails”
“A Fire In The Sun”
“The Exile Kiss”


That sounds handy for when you’re bowling with someone who really, really, really cares about the rules.


Well, now I’m thinking about how easy it could be to get away with cross-dressing in the more restrictive Arab states. Are there rules against such things? Would they dare to check?

Ahem, back on topic, I expect a niqab should do the trick vs. face recognition.


Loved the first one. Never got to find the other 2

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Try this.

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Well shit - I finally watched the video - and Miguel Caballero IS the company making these.


“Can I interest sir in a suit of our stylish bulletproof street wear, designed specifically for the needs of the ultra-rich bullet magnet on the go in today’s dangerous urban environment?”

“Why would I need that? I’ve not heard on anyone in my financial bracket getting shot?”

“That just shows how effective out clothing is. Sir, wouldn’t want to be the exception that proves the rule, would sir?”


Oh, yes, absolutely…but I don’t think anyone would even think to check. The ones enforcing the rules for women can’t even conceive of a male purposely lowering his status to that of a woman.

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Yeah, that "Aramid (“a little more expensive than kevlar”) " part was confusing as Kevlar is an aramid. But aramid is a generic name for the family of polymers while Kevlar is a registered trade name for such things. The capitalization was completely backwards as was the reality of the pricing. Kevlar–the brand name–is the expensive stuff. Generic aramid is the cheap stuff.


“Would sir like us to sew some fragments of tiger-repelling rock into the hems, too. One can never be too sure in these unstable times.”


in which orange zest and grapefruit notes are matched to herb and salty details with a fresh spice-tinged finish.
– Bulletproof Wear Daily


I am honestly not sure why this would come as a surprise to anyone. There is all kinds of “bullet proof” (ie., shooting resistant) clothing available; of course there would be some available in traditional Arabic fashion.

Honestly, as someone who enjoys musical festivals and walking around at night, I considered getting some myself after the Vegas shooting. I decided that at that point I wasn’t likely enough to need it to justify the expense… but someone who was more pessimistic could easily make a valid choice the other way.

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Is there a market for aramid swimwear (not burkinis)? Bulletproof thongs? Kewl status items, right?

The ones enforcing the rules for women will check to see if the woman is accompanied by a male relative.

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He: Will you be my sister?"
She, unsurely: “Well, okay.”
He: “Do you believe in incest?”

Is that conversation common anywhere?

I consider empathy to be the ability to understand a different person’s position.