Watch Xyla Foxlin test her "bulletproof" ballgown

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The bada bing bada boom is at 4:57. Save’n yous some time…


yay more videos about people shooting guns. yawn.


The best defense dress is a good offense dress.


She actually has a fascinating backstory, and is a maker of some renown.


On youtube there should be a Chekov’s Kevlar law. If something is made out of Kevlar, someone will shoot it on youtube. I will have to watch later.

FWIW, there is a Brazilian company that makes bullet proof clothes.

Well that was delightful.

I have to wonder if it would have worked better had she not used what I presume was resin to laminate layers together. I thought with Kevlar soft vests, the fibers are strong and give a little and able to “catch” a bullet. If you make it hard, wouldn’t that reduce its ability to do so?

So to make it work as a dress, shape the hard carbon fiber, add layers of kevlar, and use rivets or something to secure the kevlar to the carbon fiber? That is what I would try, but I neither make dresses nor body armor, so it may not work well either.

Still - fun to watch, looks like everyone had a good time and had a fun time making her dress.The smile at ~16:30 says it all. :slight_smile:

I have seen some Taofledermaus videos before and they seem to enjoy blowing up giant gummy bears with exotic, often home made shot gun ammo.

You know what they say, the only thing that can stop a bad girl with a dress is a good girl with a dress.


Bulletproof clothing is essential if one is packing a Taurus.

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