Bullshit copyright complaint is the perfect pretense to censor CT library art


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Right. But don’t forget that Mother Teresa is a historical figure of highly questionable values. So maybe it is a good thing that a painting of hers is removed albeit for very wrong reasons.


Doesn’t matter. By approval of the copyright claim merely because one disagrees with the person depicted, one becomes dangerously similar to the makers of the claim itself.
Great care should be taken.

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I did not approve of the claim. I said “for very wrong reasons”. I just don’t like Mother Teresa, is all.


Thought. Is there some place that would aggregate such information, something along the lines of BullshitTakedowns.com? similar to ChillingEffects but more selective towards the obviously insane?

Could be a good ammo depot for copyfighters, if it already does not exist.

This is why you need standing to sue. I don’t suppose Mother Teresa filed the complaint? Was it the Missionaries of Charity?

EDIT: My goodness no. “The Trumbull Times reports… that organized opposition to the display of the painting originated with the Catholic fraternal organization the Knights of Columbus…” Did you know the Knights of Columbus own the copyright on Mother Teresa’s face? Neither did she!


This is something that intrigues me- to the best of my knowledge, Mother Teresa wasn’t a Knight of Columbus (fraternal mens’ organization), or a member of Eastern Star, the female auxiliary organization. So what grounds or connections are necessary to copyright the likeness of another person? Could we do this for anybody?


I call Benjamin Franklin!

Agreed. The response was merely a cautionary one. One would hope a sentient agent would affirm caution.

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