Photoshop of Lady Diana with Princess Charlotte

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It’s easy to explain: People are fucking sick.

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They could have at least photoshopped in the ghost of Mother Theresa too just to show she’d been invited to the baptism. Aren’t D & T supposed to be besties ever since they entered the Pearly Gates on the same day?


She has to be burning in the worst imagined Christian hell for running that suffering reactor in India, no way she gets weekends off. Very Lovecraftian the fantastic concept behind the operation; sell the suffering heathens and waste the money on pushing unwanted religion rather than providing comfort, because comfort is a control rod in the pain and hunger reactor. Though it seems she was permitted modern medical care.

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This is really no different from paintings of Elvis on black velvet - just higher tech.

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In a culture where zombie-slaughter is the go-to pop meme of the day and I’ve watched six year olds play Silent HIl, I’m supposed to see this as creepy?

Would a photoshopped Cthulu hovering of the helpless child be better?
( Rob probably thinks so, but we already know he’s a sick fuck :wink: )

I found this 'shoop rather touching – I see it metaphorically, like 16th century painting, rather than as a “real” photo.

Then again, I grew up with a Guardian Angel over my doorsill, so my symbolic and visual reference points are probably different than yours.



I agree with Boundegar. My post was supposed to a general post, not a “reply” to Boudegar…

Apologies for the clumsy posting.

or we need to call ghostbusters.

Look forward to this being discovered by (and thoroughly confusing the shit out of) future historians… :smirk_cat:

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I guess were doing our part to make this dream of virality come true.

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