That weird photo of Queen Elizabeth going around is fake

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i have no idea why someone would do this. people are awful? i guess that’s my guess.


I have gotten duped, and posted stuff I thought was hilarious but other much sharper and more aware folks on this bbs have pointed out to me that the image I posted was 'shooped.

All this to say… well, now I don’t feel so bad being so gullible.

As for making fun of old people… that’s a common and regrettable trait of some western cultures. I speak as a mixed race and mixed ethnicity first gen American. I do not and will not make fun of my elders on the basis of their age or health struggles. My respect comes with knowing their backstories. That said, IME being multiracial in very conservative parts of Texas is not all fun and games.

The tension I feel in the culture I find myself in, re the elders here now in the U.S. is only increasing.

Confirmation bias? Maybe. I am getting older.

We all are.


I think the queen died in 1972 and is actually a fembot!
Fembot GIF by Ariana Grande

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What do you think?

calling Dr Beschizza! There are numerous sub-images (NFT-able!) of human orifices here which toothlessly scream to be duplicated and permuted. (extra points for corgi orifices)

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She still looks like a Skeksis from “Dark Crystal.”

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Fuck the lizard people, whatever age they may be, but the joke here just seems to be mocking the concept of age, in a weirdly miserable way.

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My grandmother also looked like that. Because she had kyphosis from an early age, which didn’t just bend over her spine and give her a hump, it caused her great pain for many years.

At her funeral, my mother and aunt and uncle described how she would get up in the morning before anyone else, and almost have to crawl into the kitchen, but still insisted on making the kids’ breakfasts and lunches for school, despite the pain she was in.

That hump wasn’t something to mock, it was a visible sign of how she refused to allow her failing body to stop her from doing what she decided she needed to do. It was a sign of her adamantium willpower overriding disability.


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