Great video simulation of a person aging 60 years




She chose poorly.

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according to his website he took pictures of different closely related people at a family reunion and then morphed them together very, very slowly. pretty neat.


Gravity is a cruel mistress


Gravity is only cruel if you believe getting older is bad.


Speaking as someone getting up there, yes, it is.

edit - though, admittedly, it does beat one of the alternatives.


Getting old is cool! Except for the creaky painful stuff.


I saw at least three different faces there. I think it could be done with one if the subject were in their 20s/30s…


I don’t know if I want to respond with:


B) LAME. Should have started with a fetus and ended with a skeleton.

C) I’d totally date her at 1:46


Now just play it backwards and she perks up.


I really thought she was going to not age for 4 minutes and then in one frame turn into Old Asian Lady.


haha racist jokes are totally hilaroius


And why in this scenario is that a bad thing? I work with an Asian woman who is about to be a grandmother and she looks great. I’ve even had several Asian friends point out the exact same thing.


Maybe it’s just my own eye, but I think that the very last few minutes show a more serene, ‘happy’ face than the younger ones. Obviously, it has mostly to do with how the subjects were posed at the moment (staring and unsmiling), but I like to think it also means that years of smiles eventually got etched on that face and they permanently shine through. I hope I’ll have this pleasant a face when I hit 60…


I’d like to pinch her adorable little cheeks, then buy her a cup of coffee and maybe help with some chores that she finds a little difficult these days.


The joke is that Asian people tend to look young for a long time. Totally mean spirited.


Don’t you mean some part of Asia? It’s a huge and variegated place, ya know.


No, really? I had no idea what the obvious, cliche, racist joke was!

Intent isn’t magic. Just because something isn’t “mean spirited” doesn’t mean it’s any less racist or problematic.

Not to mention lazy and, well, cliche.


Not to mention WRONG, btw, since the women in this family are clearly aging. But I guess they just aren’t “Asian enough” or something?

The joke isn’t funny because it’s not only racist, but incorrect: Asian people age too. Oh, and all Asian people don’t all look alike. You know that as well, right?


The joke is that Asian people tend to look young for a long time.