An accurate depiction of what it's like to grow old

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Am I missing some layer of smart satire, or is this just mind bogglingly condescending?
Please, help me out here.


Actually, let me elaborate.

This is a very straightforward depiction of dysmorphia - Age dysmorphia, to be specific. But the guy might of been revealed to to be overweight, female or some other difference, and it would still be the same narrative.

The tone seems to suggest that he is somehow in denial, and when confronted, he is upset and needs to be consoled. It’s a moment of melodrama, ‘no one can deny the biological truth of aging’.

It seems blind to the notion that the younger self image is the truth, and it’s society that needs to be confronted.


I agree that younger people could often be more sensitive to the ongoing capabilities that older people still have, but how is the younger self image the truth?

While it is common (especially for men, I imagine) to have a self image far younger than one actually is, 84 year olds do have problems that people half their age don’t.

To think of yourself as 40 when you’re 80 doesn’t strike me as “the truth.”


Neither, I suspect. Just a slightly exaggerated depiction of the human condition.

He is ‘in denial’ in the same way we all are to some extent. I wonder if the reactions to this video will differ according to the viewer’s age?

Personally, I do not think the younger self-image is ‘the truth’, but then I’m always willing to accept reality (something many people are unable to do - as we see all too starkly in other areas every day!)

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Fair enough. Though I would posit that one thing that keeps me young is I don’t really see myself as the age I am - more like 10-15 yrs younger. Many of my friends are that age, and I do my best to keep up with them.

It’s not delusional but rather aspirational. There are definitely days I feel older but the power of ‘young at heart’ is legit.

Lastly - for an excellent introspection on the passage of time and relationships check out the stunning anime Frieren - Beyond Journey’s End. It might make you tear up.


Putting aside the subjectivity of truth, peoples identity is multifaceted. Age is not a mic drop upon who people are. It is simply one aspect.

That’s what irritates me about the short I guess, the false dichotomy. The big dramatic reveal.

Im assuming the younger man we see is a acting exactly as the older one would of, as evidenced by him appearing older in reflections and cut aways, and peoples treatment of him.
Everything we see him do is no different from what his younger self would do. It is behavior that we would expect from someone in the prime of their life. Therefore the depiction is ,in that sense, truthful.

Yes, literally seeing yourself as 40 years younger would be delusional to the point of psychosis, but I’m trying t work within the dramatic conceit of the short here. :slight_smile:

You know your quite right.

I’d usually baulk at using a term such as ‘the truth’, particularly when objective truth is so beleaguered on the internet.
I suppose I might be a little sensitized to the notion of biology as destiny because of gender politics. It has me brandishing words like ‘truth’ a little freely.

It is the true depiction of them as a person, rather than it is the objective truth of them as animal.

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Or it could be a depiction of someone with mild dementia, perhaps early in the stages of Alzheimer’s. I don’t think that’s the intent of this video, but you don’t need to go to psychosis to explain it.

I think some of y’all are reading stuff into this that isn’t there. I’m 55. But in my mind’s eye, I don’t feel 55. Well…some days I certainly do, physically, but not mentally. I still feel, mentally, much like I did when I was in my 30s. Some days, I do kind of go, “Oh yeah, I’m in my 50s! Shit. When did that happen?” My parents are the same, really. They’re in their 80s but are still very active and don’t really act their age. They even go to local nursing homes every Sunday to give people rides to church. Some of those people are younger than they are. But occasionally, something will happen to provide a big reminder to them that they are, in fact, over 80. This is just part of the human condition. It’s certainly not intended to be demeaning or condescending.

ETA: I also jumped on those senior discounts enthusiastically when I turned 55. I feel like I’ve earned those discounts just by surviving, lol.


Pretty much have to wait till your 60 in the UK for discounts, but from age 50 you DO get to be described as being eccentric, rather than just a weirdo.
Going to be playing that particular card a lot. :smiley:


Imagine being in a world where you not only go a whole day without age related microaggressions (or just regular aggressions) in your life, but also only are reminded when people are extra kind and helpful to you and positive about your appearance.


I’d like to see the version where it’s women rather than men. Not so much of the kindness and public support, I can tell you.


Yeah, my first thought was, “okay, now do a Black man.” You know it would be different.
Anyhoo, I don’t think they did a particularly great job of it, but I think what the filmmakers were trying to express is how discombobulating it can be when people see you as this totally different person just because you look older. I get that. Young people will just assume I’m more conservative than I am. They won’t know my rich history. And that goes both ways.
But I think as women we’re already pretty inured to people judging us based on our appearance, whereas for white guys like in the video it might come as a real “aha moment.”


I turned 60 last birthday, and I can still hardly believe it. I feel pretty much like I did in my late 30s, early 40s – except my congenitally weak joints admittedly feel weaker these days. As for the senior discounts, I’d gladly take advantage of those, but they seem to be disappearing! The damn Boomers sucked everything dry! :grinning: (I’m technically a Boomer, but have always identified more with Gen X).


Without any doubt, the perfect age. Ask me how I know :wink:

Want to know how to feel old?
Yesterday a gray-haired, mature, woman, made the motion to give me her seat in the T-bana (metro).
JFC, I was going to a party!

OK, I had a crutch (I’m just out of a cast, two days ago) but was not wobbling or looking in pain…probably.

And serendipity strikes again. For me, it happens a lot here.
I’ve just finished watching the Pomplamoose cover of this very song.


Oh I get it. I just spent a beautiful day trip date with my husband and got some pictures of us in the process. I have reached a point where every time I see a picture of myself I think “oh… oh that’s what I look like now” and getting myself ready feels very high-effort low-reward. Some day I’ll be even older and uglier though so while I’m not dead I figure I may want the visual reminder. Still probably never get entirely used to it.


Speaking of leg injuries, two years ago, I had to get some momentum going to get a wheelbarrow full of cement bags up a slight incline. My calf popped like someone had hit it with a baseball bat. I looked behind me to see who threw a rock at my leg. As my wife and I made our way to the hospital, she said, “You’re just getting too old to do this stuff.” A session with an MRI machine later, I was with the orthopedic surgeon. He told me what had happened, and that he always knew when football players got the same injury, because they always look behind them, as I had done. I hadn’t at that point told him I’d done exactly that. He also assured me it was not age-related. I’d just made an unfortunate movement. I walked (hobbled with a boot and crutches) out of the doc’s office and triumphantly greeted my wife with, “The doctor said I’m NOT old! So there!”

I’ll assume the how, but now I’m curious as to the why. :slight_smile:


Personally, I think the real struggle with getting older is that I just don’t feel any more competent than I did twenty years ago. I have so many more responsibilities and I can’t help but constantly wonder how my mom handled the stress of it. I don’t necessarily feel like a 19 year old in a 39 year old body—for one thing, even though I was objectively more physically fit back then, I don’t miss being that age at all. I like my body now in a way I probably didn’t then. Or maybe I just appreciate it more. But psychologically I can’t seem to fully acquit myself to my current stage of life. I always feel like I’m just pretending to be older and wiser than I am.

Obviously this video isn’t about that, though. It’s about the perception of a person’s capacity as fading with age before that’s actually happened, when a person still feels perfectly capable and well. At least, I think that’s the point of the video, but I could be wrong.


If it’s any consolation, I feel the exact same way at 60 – like I’m still faking it, and amazed that I’ve gotten this far without utter disaster. I wonder if this feeling is why I still have those “I’m back in high school having to take an exam I haven’t studied for” dreams.