Your reaction when you think you're 79, but you're really 98: 'Holy f*ck!'


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I’m a 18 year old caught in a old man’s body.


That made me laugh. He looks like he will be saying “holy fuck, how did I get to be 115?” in a few years.


Inside the body of every old guy is a young guy going “WTF happened?”


“Geez, I’m gonna be an old fuckin man”
That’s one badass dude still speaking about his future


This guy is great! When my own grandfather aged he tended to lose track of things, including all the stuff he had been so bitter about for most of the time I knew him.

And for myself, turns out I was a 37 year old trapped in a 17 year olds body for a long time, way too responsible for my age - but now that I am > 37, I am enjoying my own immaturity immensely.


The only reason why I’m still counting is so I don’t accidentally not retire. I guess once you’re past that point, who cares!


Thanfully, I’m precocious: I’m already getting senile. A while back I made a comment about being 35 and too old for this shit (whatever it was at the time). My wife had to remind me I was 33. “I am? Well… great!” It was like finding a $5 bill I’d forgotten about in a pair pants.


I’m 47 1/2, the only time I feel my age is when I look at an early-30’s woman and realize I ain’t getting any of that. Instead eHarmony shows me matches that friggen look like my mom.

… sigh… fuck, great way to start the day thinking about all this. thanks?


Why retire if you’re having fun? :rofl:


If my looks continue to hide my true age, other people are not going to believe I’m 98.


Maybe I’ll just tell everyone I’m 98 years old while I’m still in my 70s just so I can have everyone tell me how great I look.


Aww heck, I retired for a couple years in my 20s just so i could enjoy some of it as a young man! Only when I realized I’ll work 'til I drop, though. I borrowed some against my 70s, don’t regret it one bit.


Because I have no more cartilage in most of my joints,


I am definitely going to be the female version of that guy when I get to be that age.


18 years old don’t believe that until they themselves become old.


Most of them can be replaced these days, you awesome potential cyborg, you! :robot:


In what sense is this NSFW? Or rather, if I worked somewhere that this old fella wouldn’t be considered adorable, I’d quit. I’m just waiting for my 10 year-old son to finish showering so I can show him the video.


I asked my 100-year-old grandmother how many children she had. “I think I had fowah.” Yep. So then I asked how old she thought she was. “Eighty-something?” “You’re a hundred.” "Jesus Mary and Joseph!"


And just the other day I couldn’t remember if I was turning 33 or 34 this year.