Simple game. Read the rules.


  1. Are you old, yes or no
  2. Why or why not

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Did you ever want to play questions?
  1. Yes!
  2. Because my feet hurt when I get out of bed.


Because I have always identified closely with the movie Grumpy Old Men.

@othermichael, I need your halp here.


(you know he’s on a ban right now, don’t you?)

  1. no

  2. because i am surrounded by 11 and 12 year-olds 185 days of the year and they keep me in touch with an enormous slice of current pop culture and youth terminology and help me add depth and roundness to my already broad musical listening tastes. there’s actually some cross-fertilization going on there because i know some teenagers who now listen to sunn o))), merzbow, jandek, and obscure mid-90s house and glitch.


  1. Yes
  2. My baby’s 13

  1. Yes
  2. Cause I easily have 10 years head start on @Mindysan33 and cause my bones ache way too much some mornings.

  1. I’m not an old
  2. But I play one on television.

  1. no
  2. because I’m younger than either of my parents were when they passed away.


Because my knees will turn 110* years old next year…

*according to a crusty old rheumatologist who I went to back in my college days

  1. Yes
  2. Because get off my lawn

  1. Yes
  2. Because I was recently delighted by a new pair of nice warm slippers in a way that only old people are capable of.


One of the greatest comforts in life that is.

  1. Maybe!

  2. Yes or No

  3. Yes

  4. I have outlived all of my many non-human friends.

  5. No

  6. I live on geological time

  7. Depends when you ask!

  8. “Now” moves.

  1. No
  2. I don’t have to grow up yet cause I don’t have kids

  1. No
  2. But next year I’ll be bigger than Jesus!

  1. Yes
  2. 35 yo was my cutoff for old, and I’m well on my way to almost dead.

  1. No

  2. I’m 2.





Yes, because the band’s teenagers listen to are stupid.

Also I like to go fishing. And play the stock market.

“Old” Metallica means “before 1990”. The black album which is “new Metallica” is 24 years old now.

I am thankful that my thinning and graying hair is ahead of the curve.

Can’t drink like I used to. Down now to 74 drinks a week. :wink: