A 45-year-old tech mogul spends $2M a year to make his body 18 again

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Let me know how that works out in another 50 years.


Interesting that he has the hairline of 47 year old and the tight, stretched facial appearance of someone with an aggressive facelift. Cool.

ETA: Normally I would not be critical in this way of someone’s appearance…but really, he started it


Johnson, Zolman and the team are more than a year into their experiments, which they collectively call Project Blueprint. This includes strict guidelines for Johnson’s diet (1,977 vegan calories a day), exercise (an hour a day, high-intensity three times a week) and sleep (at the same time every night, after two hours wearing glasses that block blue light).

He blasts his pelvic floor with electromagnetic pulses to improve muscle tone in hard-to-reach places and has a device that counts the number of his nighttime erections. Of late, he’s been presenting as a teenager in that regard, as well.


I don’t know about his success with the other body parts, but he’s exceeded expectations on the brain. This project bears all the hallmarks of the mind of a 13–year-old boy.


May end up with the body of an 18 year old but too busy/tired to enjoy it.

I’ll stick with general exercise/eating less junk food, thanks.


Also, I hope he is making a lot off of his investments - at 2 million a year he won’t even outlive Noah before he’s broke!
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Is that really something to shoot for? I’d say 25-26 is more the optimum…

Why can’t he just make peace with getting older? Death is normal, dare I say desirable. At some point his telomeres will erode, and his health will gradually decline no matter how many supplements he takes. He’ll outlive all his family and friends (if he has any), and I’d be willing to bet the first person that lives to 150 will bemoan the ennui that comes with not having many meaningfully new experiences. Time flies for a 45 year old… imagine how quickly a day seems to pass for someone who is 90, let alone 150.

On a societal level there are some obvious ethical questions about who gets to be immortal and who doesn’t, not to mention the impact to the planet were this approach to become widespread.

I think there is merit to pursuing a healthy lifestyle - it means the back half of your life will be more enjoyable and maybe it will give you a few extra years. But there’s also joy to be found in doing some things that likely run counter to staying physically young.


Basically, he’s paying a boatload of money to monitor himself. Otherwise, following the Michael Pollan diet, getting regular exercise, getting regular sleep, and not stressing over your next meal or whether you will have a roof over your head by the end of the week is the key to living a long, high quality life.


File photo of the process


Bonus benefits from having a career you enjoy that doesn’t wreck your body and spirit and also from having people in your life who value you and who you can count on.

Obviously no tobacco smoking, no use of hard drugs, infrequent or moderate alcohol consumption.


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Times coming for all of us…

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I suspect that plenty of people in their 40s managed to stay healthy via diet and exercise… It’s not really a mystery how to do that.

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Yep, hairline and his gait on the treadmill. He looks like someone who has less spring in their knees. Definitely not 18-year-old knees. Looks like a 40-something runner to me.


and after all this he will end up dying from a tragic lime scooter accident coming back from the Santa Monica Pier


Clearly his team does not include a therapist.


Does he do the math on how much of his life he loses to a completely ridiculous daily routine? Like who cares if you have the body of an 18 year old (he doesn’t) when you have a daily routine that makes Patrick Bateman look level-headed.


To that last point, you really do need a little padding after age 45. Ending up in hospital for reasons entirely beyond your control when one is older always means rapid weight loss, potentially dangerous if all there is to burn through is muscle.


This is obviously ridiculous, but the amazon links are just as ridiculous.


But he’s clearly a superhuman and isn’t subject to your silly laws of muscles and fats!!! He’s rich after all and has cracked the transhumanist code!!! /s

But seriously, spot on… being unnatural ripped isn’t actual evidence of true health… But we’re just stupidly obsessed with thinness and youth in our culture.