There's a painted woman in this moth


Yes, but is this art ?

Amazing how we’re hardwired to look for faces

@SatinSatan you’d have to come up with a pretty good reason why it’s not art before anyone with half a brain answers that.


His hologram is pretty cool.


Another woman devoured by a giant moth. I’ve heard that it is now happening all the time. Close your windows!

–source: The Daily Mail


Hence mother, of course.

i agree the body painting job was amazing, but the video not so much.  we didn’t even get a chance to really look at it before the model did the reveal, with all the strobing/cutting in and out i had more of a headache then wow unfortunately.  for me the video editing detracted from the amazing talent it to to paint this.

I found it interesting that the symmetry of the moth hid a lot of the tells and flaws by placing her in the center of that symmetry. hiding her off to one side would have been significantly more difficult.

for me the very best part of this was her eyes contrasted by the face paint, that was quite stunning.

thanks for sharing.

I was thinking the same thing. It would have been nice to do the reveal shot in ultra slow motion, her separating from the painting over the course of a minute or longer.

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On the artist’s blog page he displays this different video that sounds more of what you are looking for.

I agree the video is better like this.


After seeing the rest of the work on his site, I say “Yes” for sure!

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If you want to try this, it is probably easier to start with a death’s-head hawkmoth – you don’t have to worry about hiding the face:


I love this! But why in the world is it"NSFW"? If there ever was a non-exploitive, non-sexualized rendition of the female form, this is it.


Cause Bewbs.

but what if you work in a boob factory? wouldn’t this just be market research?

I really have the wrong career.

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Anyone else think “Silence of the Lambs”?

On the other hand,
I was wondering if we’d ever just be done with using women’s bodies as objects onto which others project their ideas,

I work with a bunch of boobs… does that count?

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be weary of the disgruntled coworker.


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