Burbank! I'll be at Dark Delicacies today! (then San Diego, UCLA, LA Times Festival of Books)

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/04/07/darkdel-sun-4pm.html

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Hey, Corey, I just heard your interview on the Intercepted podcast. Did you mention this anywhere on BoingBoing? If so, I must’ve missed it. Sorry about that.

Awesome interview, though. I loved the story excerpts from “Radicalized.” I recommend this to everyone.

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Thank you!

I saw you, Cory, at the LA book fest for Walkaway. With Scalzi. Hope to get in too to this one - the SCHED site and ticket info thoroughly got me sideways but that’s all part of this fun. I want you to do more events in LA - you’re the one celebrity I try to catch. Saw you in UCLA in 18 for DMCA repair/tinker ra-ra. Like once a year, you’re a holiday.

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