Los Angeles! I'm launching my new book Radicalized with Lexi Alexander tonight (next: San Diego, NYC, Toronto...)


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This news really brightened my day/evening, along with the blurb/endorsement by Kim Stanley Robinson. I find something heartwarming about seeing some of my favorite sci-fi authors recommending each others’ work, as well as just saying nice things about each other. I’ve discovered so many of my favorite authors from these sorts of endorsements, including you (via a Neal Stephenson reference, I think, about 19 years ago).


Aww, thank you. Both Neal and Stan are really kind and supportive (and brilliant!)


Yay! Have a great tour! :slightly_smiling_face:

Why you no come to Winnipeg this time? :frowning_face:


Barnes & Noble made my phone’s news feed. (Done via Pi and Gimp. Interesting.)

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