Burden of proof and justification for rape accusations

Wow, that link is really something…


Guess I’m evil then.


Maybe if less men attempted rape you’d not feel as guilty-by-association when you continue defending a potential sex offender who never even heard of you?

Might be time to just stop digging this hole you made, huh?


From where I’m sitting, not only do we have a far ways to go, we’ve very much gone backwards in recent years. I mean, FFS, woman in many states can no longer make medical decisions for themselves. And that’s just the tip of the horrible iceberg.

And people’s actions in this world matter. He’s contributing to the further marginalization and brutalization of women. People listen to this jackass and act in accordance with his ideas. It is actively hurting real people, even if he’s not a rapist. That matters.

Tonight Show No GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


agreed - it’s 100% understandable why people hate him - he’s a troll and seems to be encouraging and succeeding at getting large swaths of the population to hate him. i’ve laughed at the occasional thing he’s said because it’s so outrageous and wild. like many of the innumerable internet celebs out there, I think all he really wants at the end of the day is attention - good or bad.

lol yes!

Citation required.


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