“Rapist,” reads Bill Cosby's star on Hollywood Walk of Fame


First rape is not a joke and is probably the worst invasion of another persons person, there is never an excuse to use the body of another by force, deception, intoxication or another manner than with full informed will.
I on one hand am grateful to see that the women who have come forward claiming to have been violated that there is nearly universal acceptance FINALLY after years of cover up.
OTOH WTF do we actually know, I feel like too many people are hanging on this story for the entertainment of seeing a well known popular person fall.
Perhaps it is my inner irritation that there is no universal infallible justice in the world, that we are not really considered innocent until speedily brought to justice and judged guilty or not guilty by a jury of our peers. I also believe in freedom of the press but I can still be disgusted by what they produce.
Maybe it rankles that this is being judged in the vulgar court of public opinion and will likely never see the inside of a criminal court.
Either he used his celebrity, power, an money to silence his targets and at worst will have to go bankrupt([edit]or get rapist written on his star, or loose his Hollywood star, or loose other privileges), he cheated the system by bribing these women to not report and now is protected by the vital to all of our freedoms statute of limitations.([edit]and these women violated each other by staying silent and taking the cash, also the agent for NBC assigned to doling out the rape $$, FUCK HIM almost more than the rapist, everyone has a responsibility in this world to stop bad people who can’t stop themselves)
Sometimes freedom means we let some bad men slide so that the government of the majority and especially the powerful does not have unlimited easily abused tools to persecute without ability to defend those society has decided need punishing.
OT, I simply don’t understand how violating an unconscious person can be the least bit enticing or empowering to a violator, seriously broken inside me thinks.
Sigh… effed up all of it…

It’s pretty easy to scrawl a word on the sidewalk. They did something similar at the Phi Kappa Psi house at UVa. Not sure it means much other than a mob has been riled up.


I wonder how much outrage it would take to remove his star from the sidewalk entirely? That would solve the vandalism issue once and for all. As it is, I think as soon as they clean it up, someone else will vandalize it again.


He’s not actually singing ‘Grape’

Too soon?

Did you see @dobby’s at the top?

not sure what I think of it, but I think others might not like it.

Cosby’s sweater comes Undone! (Weezer / Cosby remix)

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I posted it here with the link, deleted that and reposted with the video embedded. Is that what you mean?

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Super! I thought I had just seen it and wanted to be sure! Carry on! :smile:

Did Hollywood COC really confuse “then” and “than”? JFC.

...they would project their anger in more positive ways then to vandalize a California State landmark...

We know that AT LEAST 14 (more now, I think) women have come forward. We also know that these women are to be believed.

and these women violated each other by staying silent and taking the cash

Don’t pull that victim-blaming shit. The women who have bravely come forward, and those who have not been able to come forward for whatever personal reason they have, did NOTHING WRONG. They didn’t “violate” anyone and to claim that they did is to put what their rapist did back on to them and it is not okay.


One would think that the commission would have some way to permanently remove a star if the “honoree” has sullied their name beyond their “positive contributions”, rather than to just hope that people who are pissed off will vent their anger in a positive fashion.


This is amazing. I hate how right The Onion is sometimes. Fuck.


Sadly, ditto.


Guilty until proven innocent. What a wonderful world we live in.


Not really victim blaming, pain to see that in a world where the powerful can bend justice for their jester these women apparently were presented with very imperfect justice probably under great coercion in the form of a payout. Unfortunately they didn’t realize he was serially doing this and needed to go to jail, the avalanche only started when one went public ~40 years too late.
(edit)Just curious of your opinion, at what point does the communal responsibility both for targets as well as others who just know about the crime kick in? The problem I see is that a person can be convinced, as in this case, that it was a personal offense suitable for a personal deal rather than an ongoing pattern of behavior.

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Looks like Sharpie has a new ad.


I will assume you are talking about the “judgement” of the people in this discussion thread. I will point out that none of us are a jury who can take Cosby’s freedom away, nothing we say has any legal standing or meaning whatsoever. It is literally impossible for anyone in this thread to pronounce Cosby guilty in any legal sense.

Many of us are simply choosing to believe the many woman who have come forward to tell their experience with Cosby.

Innocent until proven guilty applies to the government authority, which has the power to take your freedom and your life so should have a very high bar for proving guilt, which it does. Please work on understanding the difference so you can use the term correctly and not look like a rape apologist going forward.