Bill Cosby admitted under oath ten years ago to getting drugs to give women for sex

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Phew. Bill. Dude. That’s just awful, what ever happens with technical legality.


Was this about the same time he was scolding everyone else about values and morality?


Bill Cosby admitted under oath ten years ago to getting drugs to give women for sex rape.


The loudest voices of condemning morality are almost always the biggest hypocrites.


Well, its a start. I hope all the women Cosby threw under the PR bus --even if no legal recourse remains for a rape conviction --get an opportunity to have their stories told (or told again) and this time, with the weight of truth on their side.


Yeah. Even if the statute of limitations means he isn’t prosecuted in court, he is going to spend his last years watching his cultural legacy irretrievably tarnished and eventually forgotten.

Cosby was a genuinely brilliant comedian. My family listened to his comedy sets about childhood adventures. Go-cart races, the Chicken Heart, his experience getting his tonsils out. And all the wholesome cartoon stuff, and (ironically) his specials for children warning of the dangers of drug abuse {facepalm}.

No publisher will touch that stuff now. I imagine it will live on on YouTube, but that’s about it!


One of the many reasons this thing is so awful is that Cosby really did do a lot of good in the world. The Cosby Show and Fat Albert were both unprecedented in their treatment of African-American characters. The guy was a major positive role model for a generation at least. It’s like if Mr. Rogers was revealed as a rapist.

So I’m not sure where these smug people going “LOL, I always knew he was a jerk” are coming from.


Well he was right. That is embarrassing.


In the mid 90’s I was lucky to win tickets to attend a black tie charity ball, and Cosby was the headliner. We were right up front, and it was an evening I’ll never forget…
… especially now, because let me tell you one of the jokes. It was his typical family comedy routine, and he said that when his daughter turned 17 and she would bring her girl friends home, “and oh my god, they had these amaaazing bodies…but then the they would open their mouth and say ‘hello Mr Cosby’ in their squeaky teenage voices, and that would wake me up from my dream”.

The audience was rolling with laughter. It’s not so funny today though, is it?


Oh that would be England’s Jerry Saville Jerry Saville, comedian and pedophile who was given the run of a hospital for mysterious reasons where he molested people of all ages and engaged in necorphilia down in the morgue.


I couldn’t agree more, I hope the brave women who have come forward feel some vindication and closure, and get the support they deserve for their misfortunes.


For Poms and Australians, the closest recent equivalent is Rolf Harris.

He made TV shows, wrote songs in the '60s and 70’s that many of us adults loved as kids. Songs that became part of the Mythology of being an Australian.

And then you find out that he was a total sleazebag.


Jesus tapdancing christ that’s creepy even in context. I’m pretty sure even before these revelations I would have been creeped out by that. But now… Ugh.

I have a “touchy” uncle, and while I was never sexually abused by him, he constantly was making comments about “how handsome you and your brother are” and lots of hand-on-the-knee stuff, and a lot of pokey-hugs. Anyway, my brother has a litter of spawn now, and while my brother doesn’t think uncle touchy is a creep, I’ve talked with this uncle and made it very clear how bad it will be for him if he ever touches my brother’s children. The answer is: if anything smells even a little fishy, then he better start looking for countries to seek asylum in.


You’re right, it was a little creepy then too, that’s why I remembered that specific line, and pretty much forgot the other 45 minutes of the routine. That one always stuck in the back of my mind as kind of over the line - but hey this was Bill Cosby right? What could be more wholesome?

He is well known for his “spanish fly” jokes too - I’m no psychologist but I’ve heard many times that criminals flaunt their crimes for the thrill of flirting with getting caught. I wonder if this is what he was doing??


Wow quaaludes. Does anyone have any person experience with them? I know they were a party drug back in the 70s, but I didn’t realize they were a date rape drug.

The internet tries to explain it as like a massive dose of valium mixed with mdma but without the stimulant part and it was used largely by women (though who knows if that was by choice).

Good god, if they were as popular as it seems they were, it wasn’t just Cosby who was doing this.

They were very popular, as I understand from some “olds”. The literature says they’re sedative hypnotics with an unusual and strong aphrodisiac effect that pretty much isn’t heard of outside of stimulants and deleriants. Probably has to do with lots of GABA activation without dopamine or serotonin inhibition that typical sedative hypnotics tend to have.

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It will be interesting to see how Cosby’s apologists try to spin this one. Up until now they’ve claimed the allegations were an unsubstantiated “he said / she said” situation. Never mind it was actually “he said / she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she-and-she said.”

And now it appears that even Cosby is saying more or less the same thing about what happened. Yet somehow he not only still has his defenders, he’s still getting gigs and public appearances. How is that possible? Why would he even seek that attention at this point anyway? It’s not like he needs the money.


Yeah. The closest I’ve come to a description is pure euphoria and that nothing feels like quaaludes other than quaaludes. But nothing says how in control or out of control you are on them. I can’t seem to find how common quaaludes were used for rape. The only other case I can even find was Roman Polanski’s.

The internet is totally failing me.

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Well… We can sorta deduce from other, more-well-characterized sedative hypnotics in its class to an extent. Which would mean that some of the effects would include some depersonalization, people become less aware of their situation, they probably also become really suggestible too, disinhibition would definitely be an effect. I’ve been told it’s like sodium pentothal but without the overbearing brain-fog, so you’re just as impaired and intoxicated, but it doesn’t feel like you’ve lost your mind the way some other sedatives can, until you lose consciousness.