Bill Cosby charged with sexual assault

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Let me just pre-empt with some seasoning that seems to be requisite;


and remind everyone that yes, it takes a village (of regular folk to hold a crooked ass uncle tom rapist superstar to account)


Made it just in time, less than a month before the 12-year statute of limitations was supposed to dry up.

Let’s hope that, finally, justice will be served this time.

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I honestly did not think he would ever be charged.

Taking bets that he’ll pull a Polanski. Any takers?


MrsTobinL is betting his health won’t last the year and has him on one of her dead pool lists so that is a possibility as well.


Could be both. Flee to a country without extradition. Die in isolated luxury. More than he deserves either way.


IIRC, Polanski still had some level of regard when he pulled a runner. Cosby seems to have used up all of his good faith.


After pleading guilty tho. Which is a thing Cosby will never do.


If I had been drinking my morning OJ this would have caused it to come out my nose:

Break out the puddin’ pops, he’s going to jail.

We’ve had (just who I recall) William Roache, Jimmy Savile & Gary Glitter - oh and that subway spokesman - all this past year. I know Cosby got a lot of press, particularly in the states, but is it just the added press or are these types of crimes being prosecuted more frequently. Anyone know?


For what it’s worth, Bill Roache was aquitted. You can replace him on your list with DLT, Rolf Harris and Stuart Hall though…

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His comedy bit from 46+ years ago about Spanish Fly (might have been posted here already) is super creepy. Yes I know it’s not evidence, but it certainly doesn’t help in the court of public opinion.


I also think about the critic Laurie Stone taking him to task for a bit he did in the late '90’s about how annoying it was that his wife wouldn’t just roll over and let him go at it. She expected foreplay and to be treated decently.

I don’t have the piece handy but it’s collected in her book Laughing In The Dark. I read it before I knew about these allegations and I’m sorry to say it’s the first inkling I had of Cosby’s feelings about women–including his wife–but when I first heard the charges I thought how revealing some of his routines might be.


As a counter, dismissing Bill Cosby as an Uncle Tom seems like it’s downplaying the cultural significance of Bill Cosby, as if the only thing that made him popular is that he “acts white”.

People forget that BIll Cosby had a reputation for mostly inoffensive comedy that could be seen as relatable. I grew up in a fairly racist family, in a very racist region, and yet there are racist people who laugh at Cosby not because he’s a funny black man, but because he’s funny. The man has a gift for working an audience.

What makes it especially troubling is that he was the guy who convinced white America that black men could be all right. He probably did as much for race relations as anyone; he was the one who helped convince white people that they could probably trust a black man to not rape their daughters…


Angry black comics, and gangsta rappers, on the other hand, play right into what racists think about black people: that they’re violent, coarse, vulgar, and generally unworthy of trust. I’m sorry, folks, I’m just reporting here, not justifying or defending it. They’re morons, but it’s what they believe.

And by still being in that white supremacist environment, I can tell you that, yes, Bill Cosby has done more to damage race relations than anyone.

But getting back to the Uncle Tom thing, is there a way black men are supposed to act? Are they supposed to speak with a particular dialect, a particular accent, a particular level of attitude? Are they supposed to be angry, violent, and openly misogynist?


That’s horrible. Not sure why anyone would enjoy that type of intercourse. Most definitely revealing.


That’s basically my experience, as well.

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Thanks for overall articulating what I was thinking. Though I don’t understand that last part. By it coming out the guy raped and assaulted women you think that has damaged race relations by confirming some people’s biases? Or was there something else I am missing.

re: the first post, for sure he should have to pay for his crimes, but disparaging him as an “Uncle Tom” I think is unwarranted.


Common racist trope, or it used to be, that black men wanted to rape white women. That’s one of the jokes from Blazing Saddles that’s probably lost on modern audiences.

A link to a white supremacist writeup about Bill Cosby: The “Civilized Black Man” Bill Cosby Appears to be a Rapist

That awkward moment when you realize the first comment on a BoingBoing thread uses the same insult as a Stormfront asshat…

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Also, a “secret sauce” reference on the Cosby Show.

(video link broken, but the clip can still be found)

That was creepy before the allegations.

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Cosby was charged with alleged aggravated indecent assault

Minor point, but “alleged” doesn’t belong in a sentence describing charges being brought (otherwise, what would “charged with (non-alleged) assault” mean?), no more than it would belong in a sentence describing a conviction (which otherwise would read, “Cosby was convicted of alleged assault”). Albeit formal rather than informal, the charge IS the allegation.


Aww, give the guy a break, he was just trying to avoid prostate cancer…

(Ducks and runs!)