Cosby found guilty on all three counts of aggravated indecent assault


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A conviction on 3 counts is better than none, given how often sexual predators suffer no consequences at all for their crimes.

Still, I highly doubt that he gets 10 years per count…





Shoulda stuck with the pudding pops.


Bill Cosby’s “Parenthood” standup special was a staple in my house in the '80s. It was/is incredibly funny. I wanted to show it to my wife who has never seen it, and the very same day all this news has come out. She’ll never watch it, and piece of my childhood has been tarnished.

Justice needs to be served, but damn, there is no happy outcome for ANYONE in this.


As a victim of a drug-rape, I could not be more pleased.


It’s so bizarre that this appears to be it. Dozens of accusers (I just read 60+) and he gets charged with three counts against a single person.

Still, like you said, three is much higher than zero, which is probably what he expected and what all of us would have expected just a few years ago.




Geez, man, we need a trigger warning for his ugly mug when you click on the article.

I physically recoil when I see his pictures these days.


Booding Bops for everybody!


His crybaby reaction to the verdict is fitting, considering the heavy smear campaign his attorneys were waging during the final weeks.


Yep; the mask came off.


May he die in prison, alone and blind.


Well, three counts down, a kajillion more to go (unprosecuted, it seems).


Well. Justice will never be served, because justice would mean that he was punished decades ago and many women were spared his abuse.

But, he may die in prison from these charges, and the court of public opinion has swayed on his accusers who are widely believed. About all we can ask for at this point.


Tell that to the people he drugged against their will and forcibly raped. Maybe “satisfied at getting justice” is a better term than happy, but you know what? I’m fucking happy for them. As far as I’m concerned, their justice is worth a hell of a lot more than what I now understand to be an imaginary figure of my childhood.


I’m old enough for Cosby’s comedy albums to have been a part of my childhood. Skits like the Chicken Heart that Ate New Jersey, Tonsilectomy, and Soap Box Racers. And heck, The Bill Cosby Show, a laid-back sitcom in which he played a gym coach.

Thanks to his swinishness, all lost and gone. No one will air his shows or issue his albums.


I see “slap on the hand” on the horizon.