Bureau of Land Management reports increase in theft, damage of fossils from public lands


May these thieves and vandals feel their guilt as a pain in their feet with every step they take for the rest of their days.

(I could go on, but you get the idea.)


Use drones.

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UNfortunately this is far too common, and these sorts of resources are often either as yet undiscovered, or if known, often spread around vast expanses of land in fairly remote areas. There’s simply no way to police/guard these sites. We’ve got a similar problem here in the southwest US with poachers cutting entire sections of rock wall out to steal petroglyphs. Often on public land, often on private (reservation) land.

These are rare and finite resources, that even when on private property have a value to society that’s much greater than any $ amount. Perhaps anyone caught stealing these sorts of things should be committed to spending the rest of their lives doing conservation/protective work for these sorts of sites.

My local paper in California had an article on another public resource poaching that I hadn’t hear dof before. Redwood Burl. People are out carving the large burls off of ancient redwoods to sell to wood dealers for art furniture. These burls are part of the reproductive mechanisms of these trees in the event of fire. We may lose some of our incredible redwoods to fire and they won’t be able to come back as their burls have been carved off.

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