Burner Rumor: Some of David Bowie's ashes were in the Temple at Burning Man

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there were several very beautiful tributes to him in the temple, but i can’t say i saw anything that looked like it held ashes – but what do i know. i do remember one great quote by him next to one, that said, “i can’t tell you where i’m going from here, but i can guarantee you that it won’t be boring.”

the hard thing was finding out that Gene Wilder died by finding so many photos and memorials to him in the temple… he died two days after i left for the playa : (


something tells me bowie would be spinning in his grave if he weren’t ashes, to be included in this crapfest.

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Something tells me he would care more about the remembrance and grieving of his daughter (who presumably knew him slightly better than you or I) than about the opinions of pretentious hipster playa-haters who think this is an appropriate place to sound off about how over Burning Man is.


While I love the Burning Man coverage, I need to ask for clarificaitons.

Neither graphic depicts The Temple.

The massive “Burning Pyramid” was the Catacomb of Veils

The three-towered structure was the beautifully- crafted Lighthouse.

The year’s Temple looked somewhat like a Pagoda.

Thank You


I made the video/post. The Lighthouse image is the front page of a youtube video I put together with some of my BM footage from this year, set to Space Oddity. The Temple both opens and closes the video, fwiw.


your video is lovely and beautiful and accurate.

My comment is directed toward the post itself, where neither of the two graphics that initially greet the reader are of the temple.

Noted, and thank you!

also, his ashes were scattered at a Chipotle in Denver, the Puerto Rican Day Parade in NYC, and the Walmart headquarters in Bentonville, AL.

Xeni, you’re better than clickbait - call it what it is: Some of David Bowie’s ashes were RUMORED TO BE in the Temple At Burning Man. information, that many times removed and unsubstantiated, is rendered meaningless.

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