Burning hot Portuguese cover of Sade's "Sweetest Taboo"


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Not sure if scorching is correct but it is fun.


This reminds me of Brazil’s 2018 World Cup performance.




Hmmm, I think the original has this cover beat by several laps, scorching wise and other wise.

Also, “Synthesized Brazilian Hits That Never Were (1984​-​94)”? What does “Never Were” mean?


I think in this context it means “Should have been. Because they are sooo great. Fantastic.” etc etc.

As to the song - yes, it is possible to do a cover of a Sade song that may be better than the original. But you must work harder on it than this. Much harder to even make “as good as”.


I think he must have meant the frayed cable on the Casiotone CT-501 they used to record this was sparking or something.


Seriously, this has to be the last album in the box at the flea market before closing time.



I’m still trying to figure out the sarcasm here. A more scorching version than Sade herself? Played on some kind of Fisher Price synth? Has this guy even heard Sade? Has to be a piss-take.


I’ll just leave this Ukrainian Italodisco here.


Very clever to have her perform in front of a room full of manikins!

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