Burning Man drone rules


Makes sense. Good to see that they’re preempting serious problems, making the rules known, and placing the responsibility for any calamities in the hands of the people flying the machines. It’ll be really cool seeing UAV footage this year, and it would seem UAVs would give a good picture of the scope of the event.

the good thing about this is that they put it out to the community to generate the rules. they had an open meeting, inviting all RC users to form them, i believe.

That static electricity point has me facepalming. Fair enough to keep any randomly controlled devices well away from the danger area, but blaming “static electricity” is as bad as those notices at gas stations telling you to turn your phones off because they make sparks. Protip: RC planes are dangerous not because of electricity, but because they’re either petrol burning (i.e. fire) or they have a lithium battery in them that can and will catch fire if it crashes badly. Put that in the rule and don’t make baby Tesla cry.

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