Burt from Burt's bees on what a good day is

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Yup, just a common man living off the earth with his $4 million dollar honey product company proceeds. Not a care in the world!

For me a good day is when the crows wake me up for snacks and I avoid serious problems at work. A good day is when noisy friends stop by with beer and cookies and we throw something on the grill and sit around the fire. Or maybe when we head to some little town for a morning of hiking, which is just an excuse to spend the evening visiting breweries.


A good day for me is when nothing is on fire or exploding (metaphorically speaking) at work, or here, and I can make meaningful progress of stuff and finish on time, so that I can then spend time with my partner doing fun non-work things that all that work was intended to enable, and that no fires, explosions or flamewars here interrupt THAT.

When you’ve been on-call 24/7/365 for literally decades, you start to cherish the times that you can go do fun things and not feel like you need to check the state of the universe every 30 minutes :slight_smile:


Well my beard isn’t as scraggly, my cabin isn’t so isolated, I like it when friends visit, I’m retired so I don’t worry about the time much. I do spend too much time on the internet and watching TV. I think he is divorced from his wife who took over the business, mine keeps working I think to avoid me. Otherwise we pretty much have the same idea about life.

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We’d probably all be better off if BBS hours were limited.


I seem to recall him having been quoted as saying it’s a good day when nobody turns up uninvited.

I tend to agree.



My understanding is that he was basically screwed out of the business and the proceeds by unscrupulous business types, but that he just decided not to care overmuch.


Yup. The final blow was being traded a house in Maine (about $130k) to leave the company in '99.


This… this word is perfect and it is how I like to experience the world. Thank you. I didn’t know this word existed, and now I shall use it.

If you have some book or site recommendations as a source for new words, I would love some recommendations.


I was kinda hoping he’d say he didn’t have to use his AK.


Flaneurs of 19th century Paris would be seen walking their pet tortoises on a lead. The idea was to let the tortoise set the pace.


skulking around as the correspondent from four double you’s… and one fun fun urule…


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