Good morning boing boers, what are our plans today?


I just woke up this Sunday morning and feel like knowing people good intentions today. Definitely, many will go to church, aside that, what else?




hahaha…its an assumption cos thats what happens in this part of the world, definitely, many will…


I’m gonna climb a tree, cut off the soles of my shoes and learn to play the flute…


hahaha…what a weird plan


I’m gonna be going out of town to a friend’s place and having an excellent dinner with them.


lovely…a redwine wont be bad


I don’t drink at all if I have to drive at all. But I do plan on enjoying myself there in other ways.


yes its good, am not also a drinking type…just av fun all the way


I drink. I’m just responsible. If I need to drive anywhere then I won’t drink at all. It’s too easy to get overconfident.


oh ok…thats nice…yes its true



I´m going to sleep, catch you guys Sunday!


It’s good practice to lurk for a while in any place you’re new to, before saying much.

That way, folks can tell you’re aware who you’re addressing, and you can take an angle that allows you to fit in.

That said, it’s a pretty broad ‘church’ here anyway. Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:


FYI, @LDoBe’s –redacted– :wink:


Really guys? It’s true, but why you gotta say so?


i’m going to do my grocery shopping for the week and grade some papers.


Harvest my basil and make a winter’s worth of pesto!


Sorry, forgot that was privileged :zipper_mouth_face:


I just think of him as Al Dobe, the little Community Member that’s made of clay!