Anything Good going on?


I got the tablet I’d gotten in 2013 and stopped working that same year working.

Anything nice going on with you guys?


I just made brownies. So there’s that.


I been looking at making some paper. Reckon I’ve got all the stuff for it somewhere too. And I spotted a koala at the weekend, so that’s nice.[quote=“Donald_Petersen, post:2, topic:93380, full:true”]
I just made brownies. So there’s that.

I’d ask you to share, but I think they’d be all cold and eaten by the time they made it down here. :slight_smile:


I’ll send you the tasty-pixel version, then:


Delicious AND non-fattening. Thank you! :slight_smile:


And here’s why I’m inside, baking in my zombie slippers and Star Wars jammies, instead of hiking today:

All told, not a bad weekend.


Come to the dark side, we have brownies?

I’ve made a mug of tea, I have a burger, new convection stove is nice.


We had a neighborhood soup night tonight. Always appreciate that our neighborhood does stuff like this. We have a lot of good people in our neighborhood.


I’m about to send out an invoice. Which is rather boring for a Sunday night, but should be pretty nice in 30 days.


I did that too, a couple days ago. (Yours may be better than mine, depending on your extras.)


IRTA “Neighbourhood Soup”

And in your soup?


Never done that. How’s it work. A bit of ‘bring a little of whatever to a communal spot’?


We’re vegetarian, so no people in our soup, good or otherwise :wink:


the way we do it is we take turns hosting. The host provides the soup (usually 3, at least one vegetarian), and the others bring dessert, veggies, bread, wine, salad etc.

Good way to get to know your neighbors better, with the side effect of being able to check out how their house compares to your house. (spoiler: everyone else’s house is always better than your house)


I had a very nice weekend in Austin. Stayed in town over the weekend for the 3M Half Marathon which I finished. Not my best time but I’ll take it. Went to an amazing LGBTQ rally (wherevI learned that I am an “ally” not a supporter) Friday night at the capitol steps – met the mayor afterwards, one of many awesome speakers. Found a new vegan place (I am a vegetarian) that’s out of the way for me turned out to be worth the drive. It was a good weekend.


Difference between standing on the sidelines cheering and actually getting involved. Good on yer! :smiley:


I was moving some car parts into a storage building, and I found a Gundam-edition Playstation that I had forgotten about, and a bunch of Japanese games.


The speakers included Jimmy Flannigan (Austin’s first openly gay councilman), US Representative Lloyd Doggett, and Mayor Steve Adler. The most amazing speakers, though, were not politicians – they were women and men from the LGBTQ community and I was just blown away. It was so moving an inspirational. I tried to find the organizer afterwards to tell her but I had no real idea what she looked like (see earlier post about me not wearing my contacts … which I have decided to start wearing again before I cause an accident). So went a FB message instead.

Anyway one of the core messages of the night was that … rallies are fun but the real work is not always fun. Call. Write. And show up to council meetings. Be an advocate not just for LGBTQ but all those who need support. Native Americans. African Americans. Those with mental or physical challenges. It’s not enough to match once in a blue moon.


I’m eating some brie.


I have been getting out and playing table top games!