Why is everyone suddenly baking bread? I think I know

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The even slices on that photo make me envious. How?


Did he use lasers?


I suspected lasers were at play here…


Specifically laser cats


Forty years ago I sort of knew people from Dandelion, a commune in Ontario which I thought was connected in some way to Twin Oaks. But then I also sort of knew some people from Dragonfly, another commune but associated with no one.


(which took french toast, tuna sandwiches, and peanut butter and jelly off of the menu).

Dang brother, you guys are suffering through this. I’m talking with the Covid Avengers Task Force [CAT-F for short] to air drop some tortellini / garlic bread / and pot brownies your way.


I used one of these thangs, https://amzn.to/2JCwKwl


Yes, Dandelion was part of the Communities Federation. Several of the people who lived at Dandelion moved to TO. One of them still lives there.


I’d love to be baking away my considerable anxiety/panic, but bread flour is not to be found where I live since the panic buying started 2 weeks ago. I have a 5-lb bag that I am saving for true emergency times.

If you live in a large-scale community that cooks for lots of people (not to mention one that also professional makes food for commercial resale elsewhere), you’ve got professional cooking equipment. Likely including a slicer.

To paraphrase an old saw, any sufficiently cooperative technology is indistinguishable from magic.


My wife has been baking all our bread for almost a decade now. She hates it. It’s such good bread, though. She baked today, and tomorrow morning I will wake up and have peanut butter and honey on toast and a cup of black coffee. I’m really looking forward to that.


Former partner got very seriously into baking back in the day. (Which of course meant that I was an Assistant Baker and Food Pornographer for many years.) We even maintained a batch of Oregon Trail sourdough starter for a few years. We had half a loaf of bread and two plates of Italian butter before dinner most evenings. I am now gluten free, so I generally leave my breadmaking to the true professionals, but I still understood exactly why ‘everyone’ is baking bread all the sudden.

I’m not the baking sort myself, but I scratch that itch with leftovers. Specifically, a fridge full of various meals neatly portioned out in Pyrex, ready to nuke, makes me feel… contentedly adulted. (But only because I think ‘adultedly contented’ means something totally different.)


Username checks out.


Sounds like me (except for the baking thing).

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It’s coming in, it’s just blowing off the shelves before the next delivery comes. Try a different day.

Grocery stores only tend to get one or two deliveries per week on anything but meat, dairy, and produce. And different shit comes in on different days. Paper goods seem to come in Mondays and Fridays in my area. Turns out the yeast and flour hit on Wednesday. Meat, dairy and produce can be daily or every other day seasonally. But the “big” order day has always been Thursday, and that seems to be industry standards. The largest weekly order on perishables, bread and other staples to prep for the weekend.

You don’t neccisarily need to be early. A lot of this stuff is packed out by vendors rather than the store, and deliveries only really start coming in once the store is open. Keep going to about 2 or 3pm. If it was out yesterday, and got delivered today. Zero chance it’s on the shelves at open. Wholesaling to these guys is the only part of my job that’s still there. So as an example when I send a beer order, it’s not making it up on shelves until 10am the day of at the earliest.

I’ve had the best luck between 10am and 1pm. Without fail whatever I’m looking for is easy to get at my first stop provided I hit it on the right day. But then I have the anxiety inducing benefit of going to 10 of these places a day, every day. And I’m familiar enough with these places from the sales relationship to know which of the 4 grocery chains in my area has the best logistics.


Also could be that the flour is being snapped up from stores because people are frying food at home

I don’t understand where all these corona bakers are getting their ingredients. I haven’t seen much flour or sugar in the stores in my last three trips to the store (the first of which was before the official lock-down). Very few eggs. No butter. Virtually no dairy products. Very few oats. I’m beginning to suspect that all these alleged bakers posting their creations on social media are actually just using stock photos.


I love baking bread, but just try to find some flour at the grocery these days. The goddamn hoarders don’t even know what they’re going to do with that stuff.


Not me - I regularly bake bread but every fecker and his dog have bought up all the flour - grrr