Woman adds vaginal yeast to sourdough starter, Internet flips out


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Reminder: don't put balls of tea-leaves in your vagina

70C for baking bread? I think she meant 170.


So many jokes, so little time.


I’m making fucking bread.

Thus the spiritual sucessor to American Pie was born: English Sourdough


I think she means the temperature of the bread, not the oven.


I still can’t help myself. Ew. But I’d try it.


The temperature for breadmaking is indeed 170’C (the low end of the range, for the high-sugar variants[1]). What she likely meant is that whatever temperature is used, it is considerably above the 70’C threshold of what common microorganisms can survive. (And indeed the 170 is above the survival capabilities of even spores and other hardened life forms, I think.)


What? No beer?


(Women have been making stuff with yeast for a long long time)


Great! I’ll mail her some of my dick cheese and she can make a sandwich. Mmm MMM.


Meh. When I was in microbiology class many years ago, we did experiments that basically revealed that microbiota are on everything, no matter how much you disinfect. There were two basic reactions: “OMG, that’s fucking gross and I am never touching anything ever again,” and “well I’ve lived this long without dying so whatever.”

I was in the latter camp.

Also, I’ve consumed many pints of beer containing live yeast, many pounds of sauerkraut ditto, many cups of live yogurt likewise, and, well, my fair share of bodily secretions. It’s pretty late to be grossed out now.


They sure have.


Indeed, most, not sweet, bread is baked at even higher temps like 240’C. But the core temperature will not reach that temp. But always above the 70’C.

I’m a real sourdough fan, never thought about using my own yeast. Not on purpose, I want to say :wink: But probably not one of the strains needed to make good bread.

While typing somebody (JeanBaptiste) is talking about ‘dick cheese’, no idea what that is made off… Will there be a yeast component? I think it will be mostly made of gunk, shivers of your skin and that kind off stuff? Not usable…
But probably also in tiny amounts in the air around making bread/sourdough. ;p


The Martian 2: The Bread Also Rises





So using one’s yeast for cooking is harmful, but using one’s brain as a ping-pong ball isn’t? I guess that makes sense, somehow…


Also people don’t realize how much overlap there is in terms of the specific strains of bacteria and yeast on and in our bodies and what’s necessary for the making of certain varieties of cheeses, breads, cured meats, etc. I was just reading about a traditional American bread that uses not yeast but bacteria to rise - including bacteria that cause gangrene (but are also found in the gut). Hell, there’s a whole bunch of food items that get their characteristic tastes from fecal bacteria.
But obviously the people most upset about his project are of the “Ew, vagina, kill it with fire!” variety.


I use yeast from plants private parts (flowers). But I culturally conditioned enough to not seek this particular recipe out.

Over in Cooking a link to salt/bacterial bread was posted. Turns out you can make CO2 in many ways :smiley:


Ah ya ninja’ed me!!

I guess I owe you some prosciutto and a wedge of asiago?


There’s nothing inherently wrong with this, after all fecal bacteria is also just about everywhere. You probably just accidentally ingested some during your lunch. And there’s all kinds of other bacteria and organisms that surround us at any given point in time during our lives. That being said, i’m not sure i would want to eat bread started with vaginal yeast. I just couldn’t get past it. This goes for other foods that use human bacteria (cheese with human bacteria cultures, and fermented drinks that use human spit… just… ew).

My feelings on it would have nothing to do with where it came from specifically from her body, its just that it came from anywhere from anyone that grosses me out. Still good on her for being creative and inventive. And its not like what she’s doing is harming anyone else. Good on her for taking on a strange culinary adventure.