Biohackers making "real vegan cheese"


Vegan sugar?

They do not use beef sugar or dolphin sugar like everyone? Buagh!


So this is vegan, GMO cheese. The venn diagram representing the potential consumers of this product looks like a moon orbiting a planet.


No GMO is in the final product, just byproducts of GMO yeasts.

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O, the irony of vegans tampering with nature to bioengineer Frankenfoods


Somehow I doubt that will matter.


Bones are used in processing commercial sugar.


Wait, so vegans are against enslaving animals to provide their foodstuffs, but have no qualms about treating unicellular life as their own little production line?


I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.


If they could find way to make dairy fat from yeast, too, instead of just mixing it with oil, I’d totally eat it.


Yeast is extraordinarily resilient and is all around us, on us, and (as far as I know) in us to a certain extent. The original beer recipes didn’t call for a quick jog over to the local general store for a packet of yeast. Enough yeast (in a non-sanitized situation) would just be in the barrels or vats or whatever to guarantee fermentation. The quality was pretty variable but the end result of fermented mash was just about guaranteed.

In fact, you can grow your own sourdough starter today without intentionally putting in any yeast … in your own kitchen with things you likely have laying around already (assuming you have flour, water, maybe some sugar, and a decent container).

Reason for me bringing all this up? The idea of these frankenyeasties making out into the wild is troubling. If they crowd out wild varieties, the results could be terrifying.

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Wait, I thought we already had vegan cheese. Tofu?


I’m vegan and am not a reactionary anti-GMO zealot. The main determining factor in my diet isn’t chasing some dragon of ultimate back-to-Earth ‘naturalness,’ but ethics. I avoid products containing GMO soy not because of a knee-jerk aversion toward ‘frankenfoods’ but because Monsanto’s anticompetitive IP practices regarding their GMO soy seeds are unethical.

I have no problem with smart people using science to make food production more sustainable and ethical from an environmental and animal-welfare standpoint. Most vegans I know aren’t virulently anti-GMO, and most people I know who feel strongly about GMOs aren’t vegan. I don’t think the two groups share an identity in the way you imply.


Is that ‘ironic’ in the Alanis Morissette sense? Because it’s not ironic in the traditional sense of the term at all. Maybe it would be ironic if someone were claiming to synthesize ‘organic’ produce or something…

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Um. Yes? They also have no qualms about eating complex multicellular life forms that are plants or fungi. “Not consuming animal products” is pretty much the definition of what a vegan is.



They do have a $2 “Tell us why we’re wrong” contribution level, so if you want to rant about the ironies of vegans enslaving yeast, or “Cheese, Grommit!”, or a <500-char parody of the Monty Python Cheese Shop Sketch, you can contribute to science while you’re doing so. (Or to Mad Science, depending on how you feel about GMOs and fake cheese.)

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I do not think I will be eating this delicious cheese. I’m sticking with the kind with cheese in it.


Hehe. As opposed to lactose which is the sugar in normal cheese. There is no non-animal source of lactose :slight_smile:

(disclaimer: I’m part of the Real Vegan Cheese project)