Bread storage alignment chart


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I’m a monster…A MONSTER!!!


Where does reusing the tie and keeping the bread in the freezer fall on that chart?


This works out really well.


Chaotic good or Chaotic neutral here. I’m not too shocked.


What if there’s never any bread left to store?

Asking for a friend…


In my house the only thing a bread box is good for is growing mold, so that shifts it squarely in the chaotic direction.


Evil you say?


They left out the “Twist and Pull”. Twist the bag and then pull the untwisted loose part back down over the bread like a sock.


I have never in my life seen a bread box in use outside of a hotel’s continental breakfast.


…or a game of 20 questions.


You’re right, the primary use of a bread box is as a frame of reference.


It’s no wonder I’ve been doing it all wrong, again.


clothes pin?


This is the first chart that’s ever told me I’m lawful good. My partner makes most of our bread though, so there is no bag to begin with.


I’m not sure how I live with myself anymore.


I’m both Lawful Neutral and Lawful Chaotic, because I re-use the bag tie and then twist and tuck the excess bag under the loaf.

Wait, I’ve just realised. I’m actually an Engineer. I have a robust solution to the problem which has adequate compensation for possible failure modes, and requires no moral reasoning.

That’s the thing about us Engineers. We built the world that allows you to play with your bread, and yet our ways are ignored and therefore a mystery to most people.

And dammit, we like it that way! :wink:


If you need to store your bread in a plastic bag, you’ve already lost.

Paper or cloth bag, sourdough bread stored cut side down.


Oh, True Evil, I think.


Yea, I’m chaotic neutral, and he shoe fits.