Who makes the clips that keep bread bags closed?


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Useless fun fact: those things are virtually unknown in germany.


Twist ties are reusable, these are not.


In the UK we just have our bread bags closed with tape. It’s not reusable but we either twist and fold the bag or use a reusable clip.


Post is sort of interesting.

This is really interesting - www.HORG.com


Gee, I reuse them…But at least one reason that they prefer them to twist ties is that they can be dated so that it is easy to spot expired bread when stocking shelves…


I guess I shouldn’t be switching them around in the grocery stores then…


A pen knife on an airplane? What was he, some sort of inventor-terrorist?


***Warning: We were stupid boys when I grew up, and yes it would probably be possible to lose an eye this way ***
Growing up stores would go through them really quickly because us kids found a new use. If you break off a tab on one side then can hook it onto your index/middle finger for an annoying weapon that you fling. Yes, we were stupid kids, looking back, if any of us had hit someone in the eye we would have done serious damage. However, you could setup small items for target practice. But depending on how well someone is with them they can sting if you get hit with one.


I recall at one time there were rumors of these being somehow redeemable under special circumstances, akin to the aluminum pull tab urban legend. Alas, not so. I am mystified as to what exactly I should do with my growing collection.

On that note, at least this turned out to be true (albeit not particularly useful):


You can print dates on twist ties too.


This is one of those odd cultural specific things that you only notice when you see how someone else does it.

Over here, we use resealable tape


Useless fun fact: those things are not rare in France, but far less common than little plastic strips armatured with two metal wires.

Edit: OK, I didn’t know the name of twist ties in English.


“We make billions of these every year. Our revenue has just reached $100,000”


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We had clips like those in the article when I was a kid in the UK in the late 1970s.


I felt a little sad and nostalgic when I read about a pen knife on a plane.


“Most of the world” = USA apparently

Trumps overblown rhetorics stems from the same root.


I have yet to open one of these successfully


Best description of a twist tie, ever.