Homeless people not welcome on Nextdoor

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Working exactly as intended. Feature, not a bug, etc.

I was on Nextdoor for less than a year before I figured out how much of the posting was terrified people peeping out between the window blinds, posting about “suspicious looking” people (who were all guilty of Walking While Black).


Funny that this showed up just as I was in the process of registering an account there. I’d forgotten that it even is a “social media network” and just saw it as the source of the really awesome stuff my GF keeps finding nearby for twenty bucks. We’re out in the sticks, but near some McMansion infestations, so this oughta be… interesting.


Holy hell. The lady quoted in the article is blaming the homeless for a growing coyote problem because it’s the homeless that are encroaching on their habitat driving the hounds into the cities.

Not that the encroaching cities have anything to do with it…


Nextdoor? A wretched cesspool of nimby[s] picking each others social scabs.


“We can’t forget Trayvon Martin was killed by someone who was a part of a neighborhood group,” says Rahim Kurwa, assistant professor of sociology at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Annnddd here’s the crux of why I hate this website.

A 38 year old single male who rents and thus isn’t really welcome on NextDoor either


They should rename “nextdoor.com” to something more apt. Like “hoa.com” or something.


Nextdoor has an even bigger problem, and it’s not abusive posters or abusive moderators. It’s the disturbingly meddling corporate staff who decide who can and can’t speak in neighborhoods, and take online communities away from groups of actual neighbors and hand them to the hostile HOAs, neighborhood associations, etc. once there are hundreds of member signed up. It is a name collection system to sell information to law enforcement and it is a social movement management (suppression) system. How is it that, years later, nextdoor has no tools which make it particularly useful for a group of legitimate neighbors who want to use it for public records openness, or keeping track of event dates, but rather it’s pointedly being reshaped for realtors and businesspeople. All the while, the bulk of nextdoor’s management tools are involved in scoring local influencers, and suppressing others who don’t tow the line and express the mainstream opinion. It’s disgraceful.

Now, pull up Google and search for “Dawson Seized”. The first 3 or so responses are about a despicable event where nextdoor’s executive staff was personally involved in booting the legitimate moderators, who launched their successful community in response to a hostile, do-nothing neighborhood association, putting them in a can’t-win situation and seized the group from them and handed them directly to the bastards they were organizing against. It’s disgusting and totalitarian. Nextdoor is not a suitable platform for a neighborhood forum. Never mind that nextdoor is a private company, Free Speech is not in nextdoor’s DNA.

@xeni , on the off-chance you’re reading this, PLEASE consider reaching out to us!

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Homeless people not welcome on Nextdoor

Well, d’uh. It’s called Nextdoor, not Nextbridge or Nextcardboardbox. If the homeless want their own social network, they should just pull themselves up by their frayed bootstraps and build themselves one, instead of expecting to mooch off this free service providing for free to us good, godfearing homeowners.



Is this the first time people have interacted with their neighbors via some social network?

Funny, ‘Nextdoor’ isn’t welcome on any of my devices.

You can keep that xenophobic, nosy-neighbors-with-no-lives bullshit far from me and mine.

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Fuck this dumb timeline.


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Wow, that’s the best description I’ve ever heard for Nextdoor and inspired me to update one of their images


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner




he blurred the /s at the bottom

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We also rent, and because we’re near a college there is constant disdain for renters on my Nextdoor. Someone once tried to claim that city law barred renters from EVER parking on the street (iiitttt doesn’t, and the logistics of enforcing that would be impossible.)

Anyway, there’s a homeless shelter being built in my area, and there’s a WEEKLY thread on Nextdoor about it that commonly runs into the hundreds of replies. Recently someone had a tent pitched at the freeway interchange and posts about this poor person were vile things like “I lean on my horn whenever I take the exit so they know they’re not welcome!”

Nextdoor is really the fastest way to find out your neighbors are assholes.


You mean “A wretched hive.”


I guess I’ll be the asshole and say, I think having a fixed address (owning or renting) in the actual neighborhood is a valid prerequisite for using Nextdoor. That said, I totally agree Nextdoor is a “wretched cesspool of NIMBYism.” I used it for about a week and couldn’t take it any longer.

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I still remember my adventure signing up for Nextdoor last time there was a BB article on it.

Yeah… fuck that site.