Business been berry, berry good to YouTube Nibiru Truthers

Just in case you wondered…

We have discovered that so-called Planet X ‘investigators’ are earning tens of thousands of pounds a year from the false claim that a mysterious hidden world is about to reappear and wipe out humanity.

These ‘fear porn’ peddlers pocket up to £30,000 per annum simply by running a YouTube channel which collects together dubious ‘sightings’ of a rogue planet or brown dwarf star on a collision course with Earth, according to figures from Social Blade.

We spoke to Steve Olson, who runs the YouTube channel WSO (Wormwood Systems Observations) to find out what life is like as a Planet X investigator.

He told us his combined earnings were about $50,000 a year. So far, his videos have received more than 20 million views.

Monitized merde.


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